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    Levitation, the bicycle that hovers off the ground and charges your phone!

    Flying cars might still be decades away but we’ve recently come across levitating bicycles! Architect Michael Strain came up with this bicycle concept called the Levitation, for the obvious reason that it lifts itself off the ground! Using a combination … Continue reading

  • Rex, a smartphone speaker that hooks on to Apple’s Siri interface

    There are quite a few smartphone users who swear by Apple and consider the Siri interface to be one of the best gifts technology has presented to mankind. One of these individuals is Chris McKleroy who came up with the … Continue reading

    Ballo – The sleek and simple portable smartphone speaker

    Yes, you’ve probably begun shuddering from the overflow of iPhone accessories that have begun flooding the market place. Well, this one’s apart from the rest and is christened the Ballo. In essence a portable speaker for your smartphone, the Ballo … Continue reading

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