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    Futuristic space-shuttle-shaped mountain shelters reinvented by Cassina

    Decades ago, designers Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret came up with a futuristic mountain shelter called the Refuge Tonneau, good enough to make outer space aliens and sci-fi fans feel at home. Now, more than seven decades later, design firm … Continue reading

  • IKEA develops flat-pack polymer refugee shelters with solar panels

    When it comes to designing practical furniture for modern homes, IKEA knows best. The furniture retail giant has recently extended this knowledge in design to building deployable homes that can work as refugee shelters in disaster struck areas and relief … Continue reading

    Fire Shelter 01, an oasis of warmth by SHJWorks

    There are pieces of architecture that stand out on horizons, like this beautifully designed hut that adorns a Copenhagen park. Designed by Danish studio SHJWorks, the egg-shaped hut was the brainchild of architect Simon Hjermind Jensen and his team. Called … Continue reading

    The easy to setup and extremely accommodating Emergency Shelter

    Emergency shelters are designed to be deployed quickly and withstand the elements. Carter Williamson Architects from Australia recently came up with these fantastic Emergency Shelters that are extremely easy to setup, require minimal materials and can shelter people in catastrophic … Continue reading

    Snail Shell System shelter, a portable home for nomadic beings

    Snails and turtles are known to get home pretty darned quickly, given the fact that they carry their homes around wherever they go. Drawing inspiration from these fantastic little creatures, N55 came up with the rolling Snail Shell System. Light … Continue reading

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