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    Researchers create robots in an oven by baking pieces of plastic!

    Soon, making robots will be just as easy as baking a fresh batch of cookies on a pleasant Sunday afternoon, literally. Surprised? Well, you ought to be! Researchers at the MIT, the University of Zurich, and the University of Tokyo … Continue reading

  • Tody the crawling robot helps keep your walls clean

    Things that crawl around are generally never helpful, particularly if they manage to crawl up your walls too. Stuff like this is best placed in a horror movie, right? Here’s a wall-crawler you’ll fall in love with though, simply because … Continue reading

    Kinematics lets you build your own robot, brick by brick!

    You don’t need to spend half your life trying to learn the nitty-gritty of electronics and robotics to build your own droid anymore. Instead, all you need to do is mash up a little creativity with these TinkerBots bricks by … Continue reading

    Honda revamps the ASIMO; makes him less awkward and more human-like

    Honda’s ASIMO robot has been the company’s favorite brainchild and the development has been shown off by its makers since quite a while now. Most recently, this four feet tall robot received cool new upgrades, making it behave nearly like … Continue reading

    Sagawa Electronics to unveil yet another exoskeleton robot, the MK4

    Sagawa Electronics previously unveiled the Powered Jacket MK3, a cool and extremely expensive exoskeleton that, when worn, turns ordinary human beings into all that’s awesome. The company is now working on the successor of this exoskeleton robot, the new MK4 … Continue reading

    Play-I Bo and Yana robots teach kids programming with stories

    Let’s face it; kids aren’t completely psyched about coding. It takes a prodigy to pull out a keyboard and begin programming at a tender age. Give a child a Gameboy and well, he’d probably spend a considerable amount of time … Continue reading

    Yaskawa Electric introduces robotic systems to help people walk

    A Japanese company that has been around since the last 98 years has recently caught eyeballs around the globe recently with its robotic technology, designed to help mankind and make the lives of humans easier. Yaskawa Electric, based in the … Continue reading

    Futuristic robots could perform brain surgeries to remove cancerous bad tissue

    Ask any brain surgeon and you’ll know just how difficult it is to operate on the human brain, without pushing the patient towards the light, if you know what we mean. With the dawn of robots, operating on a person’s … Continue reading

    Kirobo, the Japanese robot in space, says hello!

    Do you know what’s really interesting about Kirobo the robot? Well, it’s one of the first to have been clad with red boots. Do you know what else is interesting about this Japanese brainchild? It’s in space and has recently … Continue reading

    Veebot robot uses technology to draw blood from human veins!

    Donating blood isn’t everybody’s piece of cake, especially those who hate the sight of blood and more often than not, swoon on spotting these glistening red drops. For those too frightened of nurses, doctors and those terribly long needles, here’s … Continue reading

    Kirobothe robot, communicates and converses with astronauts

    Ah! We’ve seen robots before and we’ve heard them communicate too. Here’s a robot that isn’t particularly out-of-the-box but it does serve as some social relief for astronauts in space who are usually cut off from the world, literally. Termed … Continue reading

    Termite-like robots could create breathable homes in the future

    There simply is no denying the fact that the future holds a bunch of surprises that will change the way we live and thrive in the environment around us. One of the biggest combinations of technology and nature in the … Continue reading

    Robotic bees to help flowers pollinate

    Gone are the days when we could simply rely on the natural pollination of flowers. Scientists from Harvard and Northeastern University are currently sculpting a bunch of robotic bees that will aide flowers in pollination processes and will replace the … Continue reading

    Robot-run single-item restaurant chain to serve out perfect burgers!

    Soon, the world could very well be fed by robots, literally. The usual host of white-clad cooks you’ve been used to dishing out food at restaurants could soon be replaced by more meticulous pre-programmed robots. Just how this will affect … Continue reading

    photoBot autonomously clicks pictures without human intervention!

    Capturing pictures at house parties isn’t always easy, particularly when the better part of your guest list has been chugging down the contents of their glasses quicker than usual. Well, we’ve got the perfect way to capture those magical party … Continue reading

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