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    The Great White, an electric submarine built at home from recycled materials

    Submarines have long since helped mankind understand life beneath the oceans and have also played a major role in enabling countries to sneak up on their rivals and take them unawares. We’ve also had an unabashed admiration for these water … Continue reading

  • Smeg recycles Fiat 500 into a fridge!

    When an automobile giant teams up with a home appliance manufacturer, the two are bound to come up with something interesting, just like the product of these two Italian manufacturers, car-maker Fiat and Smeg, the appliance company. Recently, Smeg turned … Continue reading

    Casa Bubble, a transparent inflatable home for the outdoorsy

    Living in the outdoors isn’t always buckets of fun, particularly when the elements decide to work against you. French designers Frederic Richard and Pierre-Stephane Dumas have sculpted out the perfect adobe away from home, called the Casa Bubble, a prefabricated … Continue reading

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