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    Mefisto portable heater boils water in a cup

    We never thought the good old kettle would go obsolete, until now. While looking for a perfect way to heat a cupful of water recently, we came across this fantastic concept called the Mefisto. Unlike every kettle you’d come across … Continue reading

  • Morph folding wheel is portable and detachable

    What makes a contraption meant to aide travel even better? Portability! Vitamins Design came up with this fantastic concept called the Morph, a detachable wheel foldable wheel that can be used for wheelchairs. Measuring 60 centimeters across with a volume … Continue reading

    Snow Peak’s Lapel Torch lantern keeps away the dark on outdoor trips

    Snow Peak has recently unveiled its newest brainchild, crafted to make your trip to the outdoors easier. Called the Lapel Torch, this portable lantern comes in handy particularly when out camping and trekking. Sporting a magnetic clip, the lantern can … Continue reading

    Healthcare goes tech-packed with these portable gadgets enabling on-the-go health-checkups

    Technology is quickly turning into one of the best ways to keep tabs on your health, without having to visit your doctor time and again for a check-up. With gadgets and consecutive applications being designed enabling you to keep complete … Continue reading

    Prayer mat illuminates when faced towards the holy city of Mecca!

    If divine intervention is what you seek, UK-based Soner Ozenc’s design is bound to have you praying harder. In essence a technology-packed rug, this one illuminates automatically when pointed to the holy city of Mecca. Called the EL Sajjadah, this … Continue reading

    ‘Oru’ Origami kayak that folds into a portfolio

    Now kayaking will no longer be a farfetched thought, as designer Anton Willis has constructed ‘Oru’ Origami kayak that is a folded kayak and is roughly the size of a large artist portfolio. So whenever one feels like kayaking, pull … Continue reading

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