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    Solar Impulse 2, the predecessor to the world’s first solar-powered airplane, to fly in 2015

    The Solar Impulse, also crowned to be the world’s first solar-powered airplane to attempt a circumnavigation of the world without fossil fuel, has etched a place for itself in the history of mankind. Following this, an updated version of the … Continue reading

  • Hypersonic SR-72 Unmanned Spy Plane touches 3,600mph in a jiffy!

    Spy planes, we’ve all loved them, drawn them and watched them in awe, zipping by in Hollywood flicks. An American company seems to have been breathing life into these boyish dreams off-late and has come up with the SR-72 Unmanned … Continue reading

    Pipistrel Panthera aircraft flies 400km on electricity alone!

    Green innovations in the aviation industry seem to be catching on, with the world slowly dropping its reliance on fossil fuels alone. We just stumbled across this fantastically eco-friendly medium to fly, the Pipistrel Panthera aircraft. With enough space to … Continue reading

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