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    Luiz Zanotello’s Nama, the cloth that plays music

    Musical instruments are some of the best creations of mankind. Music as we know it, is the language of souls. Designer Luiz Zanotello’s Nama, an art installation with a touch of music, reflects just that. In essence a fabric hooked … Continue reading

  • Speaker Plugs make your music mobile!

    Portable speakers have been around for a while. However, most of these are a bit too chunky to carry around in reality. While the battery-powered Bluetooth speakers to serve the purpose, conceptual designer Jinseup Ted Shin came up with yet … Continue reading

    The Musicon educates the young about the art of music!

    Musical genius doesn’t come that easily and more often than not, some of the world’s best musicians start of at an early age. If you’ve been looking for the perfect tool to turn your little one into a musical prodigy, … Continue reading

    Artist turns weapons into musical instruments

    Weapons are harbingers of death. Giving these tools of destruction a better shot at life, Mexican artist Pedro Reyes has come up with this beautiful piece of art. In essence a stringed instrument made from firearms, this one is part … Continue reading

    Colored water droplets make music using a webcam

    Audible Colors was developed with the goal of using colored water droplets to produce the sounds of music. Basic colors red, blue, and green correspond to the musical notes A, D, and F and when these colors further combined to … Continue reading

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