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    Lucy Mirror follows the sun and reflects sunlight

    There have been myths about how sunflowers follow the movement of the sun. While some agree that the leaves do portray some photosensitive functions, it is really disappointing to not have something that keeps staring at the sun. So, we … Continue reading

  • Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light mimics the sun to wake you up

    Let’s face it. Waking up in the morning isn’t something that really excites even the best of us. Given the fact that we’re all falling head over heels in love with our beds, slipping out of the mattresses to begin … Continue reading

    Eye-catching LED Mushroom Lights illuminate your workspace

    There are desk lights that light up your workspace and then there are lamps that simply add an unmatched touch of beauty to your table top. One of these is Yukio Takano’s LED Mushroom Lights. An innovation right out of … Continue reading

    Memory lighting concept brings back childhood memories

    We’ve come across eye-catching lighting fixtures before. Here’s one that joins the ranks, designed by Boris Klimek for Brokis. Called the Memory, this lighting fixture concept is reminiscent of memories from our childhood. The lights are designed to replicate balloons … Continue reading

    Eye-catching art installation made using UV lighting and glowing threads

    Threads and UV lights have never been used this brilliantly before. Conceptualized and developed by artist Jeongmoon Choi from Korea, this beautiful glowing art installation involves the use of UV-light-friendly threads. These are then paired with cleverly installed UV lights. … Continue reading

    Lighted indoor/outdoor tent Lyhty to take away your winter blues

    Long winter months where you normally have about 4 hours of overcast daylight can really have an effect on you. The gloominess spreads and makes you feel restless at times. The best way to take care of that? Well, the … Continue reading

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