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    LEGO shows off its revolutionary new headquarters in Turkey by OSO Architecture

    LEGO blocks are one of the finest tools to display creativity, we all know that. What we also know now is that OSO Architecture has managed to portray just that with the LEGO company’s Turkey headquarters! This office space is … Continue reading

  • LEGO adds a touch of technology to its legendary bricks

    Kids these days don’t really play with the toys we’ve grown up with. Instead, the younger generation spends more time on computers, tablets and smartphones. In an effort to bridge the digital world with tangible toys, LEGO has come up … Continue reading

    Sugru turns LEGO bricks and figurines into cable-holders

    LEGO bricks are more than just a bane for the barefooted. These bricks can double up as a lot more than play-things and the brainiacs at Sugru have just proven so. These folks have managed to turn LEGO bricks into … Continue reading

    LEGO church constructed in Netherlands; used as temporary pavilion

    We’ve seen scale models of buildings being constructed from LEGO bricks. Never before have we seen a true-to-life structure built from oversized LEGO blocks however, and this temporary pavilion set up in Netherlands has left us awe-struck. Made from giant … Continue reading

    LEGO-built Turing Machine computes basic tasks!

    Like we’ve said repeatedly before, a bunch of LEGO blocks can amount to much more than just a shoddy piece of miniature architecture. This contraption we came across is inspired by Alan Turing, the legend who helped crack Nazi crypto-codes … Continue reading

    LEGO unveils miniature 8909 Team GB Minifigures

    Looking for an easier way to bring home the Team GB who’re scheduled to participate at the upcoming games? Well, if scaled-down versions of these real-life superheroes can have you satisfied, we suggest you run down to the nearest Argos, … Continue reading

    Life –size Lego forest flourishes in Martin Palace , Sydney

    Hunt for your gumboots and rush to play as the downpour has just began at Lego forest. This Life size forest has emerged from the city streets to mark the launch of the LEGO Festival of Play, a nine-month event … Continue reading

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