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    Vauxhall develops voice-controlled LED projection display for the Monza’s dashboard

    Well, in today’s day, we certainly can’t imagine cars without dashboards. The automobile industry shares this thought too and has continued to use dashboards in cars since at least the 80s. Of course, the dashboards of today have received several … Continue reading

  • LED lights transmit data at speeds of 3 gigabits!

    Gone are the days of the traditional bulbs that lit up our living spaces. The world is now relying heavily on the use of more energy-efficient lighting solutions, or simply put, the revolutionary LED. But lighting up spaces isn’t all … Continue reading

    Eye-catching LED Mushroom Lights illuminate your workspace

    There are desk lights that light up your workspace and then there are lamps that simply add an unmatched touch of beauty to your table top. One of these is Yukio Takano’s LED Mushroom Lights. An innovation right out of … Continue reading

    LED lit wine-cellar gives designer Jamie Beckwith’s an eye-pleasing touch

    LED lights, when used correctly, are an assured way to spice up the dullest and most dreary places. This fantastic overhauled wine-cellar we had the pleasure to spot lately just proves the awesomeness of LEDs! By interior designer Jamie Beckwith, … Continue reading

    MoodBrooms, LED lamps disguised as harmless brooms by Peteris Zilbers

    Brooms have usually been a hindrance we couldn’t do without. These tools to cleanliness and hygiene add no aesthetic value to a living space and have never required doing so until recently. Latvian designer Peteris Zilbers however has given the … Continue reading

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