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    Yonos Smart Lamp is an overdose of utility

    Lamps should generally do more than offer light. That’s why we have lamps such as the Yonos Smart Lamp that come rigged with features and accessories that extend beyond the usual lighting. The lamp offers everything from mobile charging to … Continue reading

  • Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light mimics the sun to wake you up

    Let’s face it. Waking up in the morning isn’t something that really excites even the best of us. Given the fact that we’re all falling head over heels in love with our beds, slipping out of the mattresses to begin … Continue reading

    Atmos lamp uses water condensation to create a never-seen-before effect

    Designer Arturo Erbsman is no stranger to using transparent liquids as an aesthetic medium in his creations. Erbsman’s Atmos lamp is also designed on the same principals. The lamp uses the condensation of water to diffuse light, casting an airy … Continue reading

    Fishy lamps with detailed scales unveiled by the Gehyry Partners

    Contrary to popular belief, lamps don’t really need to be a dull accessory put into rooms to shed some light around. Instead, with the right creative treatment and design, these home illumination appliances can quite interestingly be turned into beautiful … Continue reading

    The Area lamp allows users to grab and pull its light around!

    Light has never been in flesh before and the ability to manipulate light has always rested at the source of the light. Technology has pushed these limitations away, giving human-kind the ability to literally “pull” light across a room! The … Continue reading

    MoodBrooms, LED lamps disguised as harmless brooms by Peteris Zilbers

    Brooms have usually been a hindrance we couldn’t do without. These tools to cleanliness and hygiene add no aesthetic value to a living space and have never required doing so until recently. Latvian designer Peteris Zilbers however has given the … Continue reading

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