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    Japanese studio Nendo designs an illusional post-it cube

    Design sees no boundaries because it’s just as wide an expanse as one’s imagination can be. So, when we set our eyes on this amazing post-it cube/block, we decided to share it with you. Designed by Japan’s Nendo design studio … Continue reading

  • Ribbon Chapel is a beautiful romantic Chapel located in Japan

    Emerging out from the trees like a criss cross spiral stairs that delicately meet at the top is the Ribbon Chapel, a new wedding venue designed by architect Hiroshi Nakamura. Located at the Seto Inland Sea Resort in Japan, this … Continue reading

    Ridiculously transparent outdoor public toilet installed in Japan

    Answering nature’s call outdoors in the open-air was what human-kind did, centuries ago before the more civilized toilets were invented. The Japanese architecture studio Sou Fujimoto however, doesn’t consider a poop in the open air to be too embarrassing and … Continue reading

    Eco Cycle, Japan’s automated underground bicycle storage system

    The Japanese don’t cringe at shortages of space. Instead, these folks use their time to devise ways to use smaller areas to serve bigger purposes, like this underground bicycle parking system that has caught the attention of the world. One … Continue reading

    Yahoo Japan’s Face Stealer application gives you a creepy makeover

    Yahoo Japan has come up with an interesting application that we also found to be downright creepy. Called the Face Stealer, this clever application maps your expressions and head movement. It then creates a virtual mask for by superimposing features … Continue reading

    NE Apartment, the biker-friendly apartment building in Japan

    Motorcycle enthusiasts now have a better way to live, with designer architects Yuji Nakae, Akiyoshi Takagi and Hiroshi Ohno bringing their minds together to create a motorcycle-friendly apartment building! The Japanese designers recently unveiled the NE apartment, an 8-unit apartment … Continue reading

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