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    The ultimate workstation for your iPad and iPhone accommodates everything

    Apple sure gives you technology solutions in a number of shapes and sizes. So, it isn’t surprising if you have a work desk that has done away with the erstwhile clunky laptop and replaced it with a sleek new iPad. … Continue reading

  • The translucent future of the Apple iPad

    In future, devices are bound to go translucent. Up ahead, all we will require to carry around are slabs of glass that will transform into computing devices like tablets and smartphones. Designer Ricardo Luis Monteiro Afonso gave the world a … Continue reading

    Sleek iPad Kiosk design is extremely portable

    The accessories designed by freelance designers for Apple products are immense. Vibhas Jain, a product designer based out of San Francisco, CA has designed a sleek and portable kiosk for the iPad. Standing at waist level, the simple yet elegant … Continue reading

    Apple iPad 4 concept sports a flip-out touch keyboard and a Retina display!

    Apple has successfully marketed its tablet, the iPad, and has subsequently seemed to capture the imagination of designers all around too with the same! Designer Luis Fonseca recently unveiled this design for the future iPad 4. A concept rendering of … Continue reading

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