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    Tetris House by Universe Architecture is ready for distribution

    Ever watched that piling mound of Tetris blocks and wondered if you could make a shape out of it all? Well, I did. But for those who want something a little more realistic for their taste there’s always some concept … Continue reading

  • The Montlake Spite House is a wedge-shaped home!

    At times, a little bit of spite and arrogance can indeed lead to the creation of something jaw-dropping and completely insane, like this wedge shaped bungalow in Seattle’s Montlake neighborhood. Legend says the owner of this home built it the … Continue reading

    The Barbie Dreamhouse Experience replicates Barbie’s Malibu-styled dollhouse

    As a child, particularly if you’re female, you probably might have spent a considerable amount of time with your Barbie dolls, right? Well, here’s a life-sized version of the iconic toy’s abode that you can literally step into and experience … Continue reading

    The OLS House ‘somewhat’ resembles a dinosaur’s head, right?

    We’ve been waiting for something like this all along, or have we? Well, nevertheless, this house seems pretty cool and we wouldn’t mind setting up our place of residence in it. Called the OLS House, this residence was designed by … Continue reading

    Roberto Cavalli’s Florentine house sports a eye-pleasing façade

    Designing a home good enough to please fashion genius Roberto Cavalli. Well, we’re sure this beautiful abode located in Florence and built for Roberto Cavalli left the designer smiling. Called the Florentine house, the house is modern and uses a … Continue reading

    House T is worryingly the most dubious house to live in

    Developed by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects Architecture, for a couple in the center of Tokyo, House T is a residence and atelier that gleams with risk. To begin with, the floors are basically a plate that have been hooked only by … Continue reading

    Walking House: Whole new meaning to nomadic living

    When you discover something or even invent something, the general trend in that is to think of the future and move ahead. Now there is something called as a Walking House which is taking things back, all the way back … Continue reading

    Feldbalz House offers fantastic view of Lake Zurich

    Feldbalz House is more of a family sculpture than a house. Offering magnificent views of Lake Zurich, the house is all about grace, unassuming style, simplicity and sleek design at its best. The three floored house, where the ground floors … Continue reading

    Santambrogio blue tinged glass house offers spectacular views – both from the inside and outside

    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. One should also note that people who live in glass houses should give up any and all hopes of privacy and be ready to shell out over $600,000 to get a … Continue reading

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