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    The adjustable AdaptAir makes Bubble CPAP therapy for kids more effective

    A child’s breathing mechanism may be just like an adult’s, but doctors keep in mind the fragility of younger organs. This is one of the reasons why the respirators used to make adults breathe easy aren’t used on kids in … Continue reading

  • Hyginex system helps improve hygiene standards in hospital with technology

    Picking up infections in hospitals remains a cause of concern even today, causing havoc in healthcare scenarios and leaving many hospital-visitors with ailments unforeseen. Annually, around 900,000 deaths are caused due to diseases contracted in hospitals, most of which are … Continue reading

    Interactive sculpture at UK hospital measures user’s heart rate!

    Interactive sculptures have always fascinated us, and this new piece of art and technology combined set up at the Royal Manchester Children’s’ Hospital in the United Kingdom has left us awestruck. Designed and conceptualized by Andrew Small and Steven Almond, … Continue reading

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