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    Space Saving Hacks for your Home

    Do you struggle to use the space in your home effectively? If you’re tired of living in a house that feels smaller than it should or need to free up space for a new project, then here are some space … Continue reading

  • Honda’s energy-efficient home generates more power than it consumes

    Let’s not deny it, human beings desperately need to look for cleaner and more efficient ways to live, if this planet is to be preserved. Giving us all a pretty new horizon to look forward to, Honda has shown off … Continue reading

    Luxury home built 26-feet below ground priced at $1.6 million

    If the world reached an apocalyptic end and balls of fire began raining down from the heavens above, we’d probably run underground. And if we did, we’d probably want to live in a home like this! Built in a bomb-shelter, … Continue reading

    Tornado-proof home that sinks into the ground developed by 10 Design

    Tornados aren’t new and these twisters have destroyed property, taken lives and wrecked havoc before. The “Game Changers” program sponsored by Samsung Galaxy S4, recently saw the unveiling of a unique home design that could protect people in the event … Continue reading

    The Mouse Trap home in Paraguay keeps thieves and vandals at bay

    Ever wondered how it feels like to be a mouse trapped inside a mouse-trap? Step inside this home that derives its influences from the box-and-stick mouse trap. Designed by Laboratoriode Arquitectura, the house isn’t very large and isn’t as claustrophobic … Continue reading

    Pedal-powered micro-homes, the Tricycle House concept

    RVs aren’t the only way to live on-the-go! The People’s Architecture Office (PAO) and the People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO) together came up with this one-of-a-kind concept, a Tricycle House and Tricycle Garden! Both components of a mobile microhome by … Continue reading

    San Francisco couple turns school bus into a home!

    Looking for an affordable way to reside? Well, quit looking for grounded property and settle in a mass of metal on wheels instead! San Francisco couple Richard and Rachel stepped away from the conventional and decided to turn a 39-foot … Continue reading

    Snail Shell System shelter, a portable home for nomadic beings

    Snails and turtles are known to get home pretty darned quickly, given the fact that they carry their homes around wherever they go. Drawing inspiration from these fantastic little creatures, N55 came up with the rolling Snail Shell System. Light … Continue reading

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