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    The Hemldo bicycle helmet sports cushioned cornrow braids

    There are quite a few things you can do with a bicycle helmet, including packing it with technology like heart-rate trackers, giving it a custom paintjob or, well, giving it a hairdo of sorts! We came across this bicycle helmet … Continue reading

  • Impact-sensing foam to be used in sports helmets detects injuries

    Sporting activities are known to cause injuries, particularly when the sport in concern includes and encourages human-contact. Take football for instance, where players are regularly subjected to receiving blows on their heads. Now, while this may seem normal, blows like … Continue reading

    Shockbox Sensor allows coaches to detect player head injuries

    Helmets are meant to protect. However, there are times when the best helmets around fail to keep skulls intact, resulting in severe head injuries. The Shockbox gives modern-day helmets a dash of technology. A simple system that enables helmets to … Continue reading

    The Decelerator Helmet slows down time

    Ever wished you could slow down time and enjoy the moment? German artist Lorenz Potthast has come up with an amazing new concept that nearly does just that! Called the Decelerator Helmet, this concept enables the wearer to perceive the … Continue reading

    Use-of-Force Training Helmet keeps your skull safe and sound

    Having your head knocked around isn’t really a fun-filled experience and more often than not leads to severe repercussions. Keeping head injuries at bay, the Use-of-Force Training Helmet guarantees to save your skull from Blunt-Trauma and repeated impacts. In essence … Continue reading

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