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    Flore wearable glucometer also monitors daily activities of diabetics

    In what could be a revolutionary attempt to enhance the lives of diabetics, this amazing wearable device could be just the answer. Flore is a wearable device that performs multiple functions that not only keep a check on the glucose … Continue reading

  • Visuscout 100 retina diagnosis monitor is highly portable, convenient to use

    Retina scanning wasn’t any less cumbersome than a trip to an ophthalmologist’s office. Thankfully, we have a solution that not only simplifies the process of retina scanning but also makes it incredibly convenient. All thanks to the Visuscout 100 retinal … Continue reading

    Sharp develops the futuristic Health Care Support Chair

    Health care and technology are a great combination and quite often, the two team-up for exemplary results. Here’s yet another technological advancement given to the world of medicine and health care, the Sharp Health Care Support Chair. This development is … Continue reading

    HealthSpot Station enables doctors to treat patients with video-conferencing!

    As the world slowly realizes the true importance of space, everything around us has begun down-sizing, including doctors’ clinics. Recently, we came across this compact clinic called the HealthSpot Station. Described as a “elehealth system that patients can use for … Continue reading

    Healthcare goes tech-packed with these portable gadgets enabling on-the-go health-checkups

    Technology is quickly turning into one of the best ways to keep tabs on your health, without having to visit your doctor time and again for a check-up. With gadgets and consecutive applications being designed enabling you to keep complete … Continue reading

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