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    Will future Harley Davidson bikes stop roaring and whisper instead?

    A “quite Harley Davidson” is pretty much a paradox. These bikes, known to drink tankards of gas and roar around neighborhoods frightening little old ladies, now have a change of heart. The Milwaukee-based motorcycle company could soon be dishing out … Continue reading

  • XchangE autonomous EV enables passengers to work or relax!

    No matter how hard you try, working in a car while travelling will always remain a somewhat clumsy affair. More often than not, working on a laptop or simply taking down notes while seated in a car isn’t so much … Continue reading

    Equal electric car concept designed for disabled drivers

    Folks with disabilities do find it extremely difficult to travel, particularly by cars where getting in and out isn’t a breeze. This is also why most disabled people stay away from the driver’s seat and are required to be dependent … Continue reading

    This would be the “car of the future” if we were currently in the year 1950

    Let’s not call this the “car of the future”, like it’s intended to be. Instead, let’s call it a pretty decent attempt at creating an extremely outlandish car that not a lot of us would chose to show up in. … Continue reading

    Honda plans to unveil the fuel cell electric vehicle concept at the Tokyo Motor Show

    Hondas make great cars that often spike the interest of the younger generation. The Japanese automaker has given the world some of the most iconic rides, including the Accord and the Civic and will soon give us all a peek … Continue reading

    Kenguru : An ideal Wheelchair-Accessible Green Electric vehicle

    Wheelchair bound people face unique mobility challenges when it comes to transportation. A recent addition to the electric vehicle market expects to bring green transportation to more persons that use wheelchairs. Originally developed by Hungarian company Kenguru an electric vehicle … Continue reading

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