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    The History of Gaming in India

    Do you know that gambling in ancient India was not just a fun pastime activity, but also a means for conflict resolution? Instead of risking and losing human life going to war, kings would gamble over a game of dice … Continue reading

  • Virtualizer VR gaming computer developed by students from the University of Vienna

    VR, or virtual reality gaming, is quickly catching on, for obvious reasons. These games nearly allow players to enter the virtual world of games and use real-time actions to play! Joining the race is the Virtualizer, designed and developed by … Continue reading

    BrainTap : A wearable gaming device that encourages exercise for chronic arthritis

    As a final project in their 3rd year of the University of Technology Sydney , Andrew Huynh, Adrian Abele, Mason Shao, Jayson Fong and James Taylor developed BrainTap, a Wearable Gaming Glove for Arthritis and Memory Exercise. The game exercises … Continue reading

    Designer Rik Oostenbroek gives old gaming devices a futuristic edge

    The Tron flick still seems to inspire designers these days as we see more Tron-inspired products surface. Designer Rik Oostenbroek recently gave the Game Boy and the Nintendo NES a Tron overhaul, redesigning these game consoles from the past and … Continue reading

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