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    Ninebot One is a self-balancing electric unicycle that can beat jams

    The design and brilliance in science that the Ninebot One portrays is unparalleled. This cool electric unicycle scooter is a self-balancing one that reaches speeds of up to 18 to 22 kmph. It is swanky and doesn’t make you look … Continue reading

  • Ford’s electric bicycle warns riders about potholes

    It’s called the MoDe:Flex and it’s here to save many a life and limb of cyclists. The idea behind the working of this electric-assist bicycle is that it can efficiently warn cyclists of upcoming road craters and potholes, thanks to … Continue reading

    Hybrid Volta Volaré aircraft uses electricity and gasoline to power up

    Electric aircrafts have been snubbed before in fear of the fact that these could simply run out of charge and, well, fall out of the sky! Portland, Oregon-based company Volta Volaré however has come up with a better way to … Continue reading

    Pipistrel Panthera aircraft flies 400km on electricity alone!

    Green innovations in the aviation industry seem to be catching on, with the world slowly dropping its reliance on fossil fuels alone. We just stumbled across this fantastically eco-friendly medium to fly, the Pipistrel Panthera aircraft. With enough space to … Continue reading

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