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    Bower House Eco Cabins are luxurious tree houses made from eco-friendly materials

    When you come to think of it, trees are actually a great place to inhabit. Given the fact that they generously dole out shade, food and fresh air, a tree house is perhaps the answer to mankind’s urgent need for … Continue reading

  • Eco-Modular Classrooms make green education a reality

    Education in a green and eco-friendly setting is always a good thing. Keeping that in mind, architect Allen Post’s Eco-Modular classroom seems like the ideal place to learn. A winning design at the 2009 Open-Architecture Challenge, this concept is a … Continue reading

    Velopresso, the eco-friendly mobile coffee-shop

    Looking for a hot cup of coffee on the go? Well, the Velopresso’s here to the rescue! A trike that dishes out coffees on the go, literally, this mobile espresso bar was designed and developed by coffee-loving bikers, Amos Reid … Continue reading

    BMW i Pedelec Concept is a stylish eco-friendly urban bicycle

    I want to say that the age of hybrids in not too far away from us. It is a brilliant source of energy and an admirable way of giving back to mother nature. Having said that, it would be a … Continue reading

    The Green Heart Gym harnesses people power into useable electricity

    TGO Green Energy Gym Technology utilizes human power with cardio outdoor gym equipment and then changes it into useable electricity. This consequential electricity derived directly from humans can be used for lighting up the gym space during night time. The … Continue reading

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