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    This Dubai Hotel houses 75,000 sq ft of rainforest within it

    If there was a hotel that also packaged tours along with its dwelling facilities then the Rosemont Hotel and Residences couldn’t have it any easier. The Dubai-based hotel will house a rainforest within its premises and will pretty much offer … Continue reading

  • Dubai announces the biggest mall in the world, the 8,000,000 square feet Mall of the World

    Dubai loves living life big size. This ideology is pretty much carried over to the architecture in the city too. Now, Emirate’s rulers have begun planning to bring home the world’s largest mall, nicknamed the Mall of the World. Unlike … Continue reading

    Dubai inaugurates the world’s tallest twisting tower, the Cayan Tower!

    Dubai regularly finds itself in the headlines, and for good reason. Most recently, Dubai pulled the veil off yet another eye-catching and architecturally shocking masterpiece, the 75-storey residential Cayan Tower. Standing 310-metres (1,017-foot) high, this is the world’s tallest twisted … Continue reading

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