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    It’s a desk! It’s a chair! And a bookshelf too!

    Pieces of furniture that double up as other pieces of furniture are always a great thing to have around, particularly if you live in a smaller apartment block where space crunches are an every phenomena. This is where the Pi … Continue reading

  • Tour Table by Gae Aulenti pays tribute to the world of bicycling

    Has bicycling always been on your mind? Do you treat the Tour de France as an annual pilgrimage? Did your world come crashing down when Lance Amstrong finally admitted his mistakes? Well then, this table’s crafted just for you! Designed … Continue reading

    The Floating Dining table requires no magic to “levitate”

    Magic? No. Innovative design? Hell yes! We’ve seen a bunch of cleverly crafted dining tables in our time, but this one surely takes the cherry atop the cake. Called the Floating Dining table, this clever piece of furniture by designer … Continue reading

    Enjoy trouble free outdoor dining with Garden Unique Bye Bye Wind Table

    The biggest problem while eating outdoors is the wind blowing your plates away, or making that wine bottle fall on the table causing spillage of some exquisite wine. With the Garden Unique Bye Bye Wind Table you can stop worrying … Continue reading

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