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    It’s a desk! It’s a chair! And a bookshelf too!

    Pieces of furniture that double up as other pieces of furniture are always a great thing to have around, particularly if you live in a smaller apartment block where space crunches are an every phenomena. This is where the Pi … Continue reading

  • The Apple iDesk concept turns an iPad into a huge workstation!

    American technology giant Apple, is known for creating devices that manage to grab eyeballs with their minimalist designs and beautiful edges. Drawing inspiration from these designs, the folks at MacLife decided to create an Apple iDesk concept that turns an … Continue reading

    Pavel Stejskal’s E-Desk is a sophisticated way to cook

    Our home as we know it will soon transition into a futuristic mix of technology and practicality. With designs pouring onto store shelves regularly, our lives our destined to be a lot easier in the near future. One such design … Continue reading

    The office desk that converts into a bed!

    Yes, we’ve all faced one of those times when we’ve earnestly wished to simply curl up below our office desks and fall asleep. Designer Athanasia Leivaditou of Studio NL came up with this concept that most employers wouldn’t want to … Continue reading

    Space Bar Desk Organizer keeps your workstation clutter free

    Tired of beating your way through a messy desktop? Designer Michael Cavada’s latest innovation makes life easier for those who spent particularly longer hours at their workstations! Called the Space Bar Desk Organizer, this concept helps reduce the clutter and … Continue reading

    The Paragon Gaming Desk is a gamer’s dream come true

    What is a PC gamer or a console gamer looking for when searching for the most comfortable gaming workstation? We know gamers are willing to pay for the best gaming experience. At the same time a gamer is looking to … Continue reading

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