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    The Lizard Umbrella keeps thieves away

    Umbrellas are one of the most commonly stolen objects, particularly during the wet months when a few individuals leave their own umbrellas back home and resort to picking out someone else’s . addressing the issue of umbrella thefts, designers Kim … Continue reading

  • de Poorter Design’s revolutionary iFlex, the flexible-phone concept!

    Flexible displays are indeed in. Soon, the technology world will be over-flowing with flexible devices, including smartphones and tablets. One of the concepts giving us a peek at what’s in store for us ahead is the iFlex, a flex-phone concept … Continue reading

    O2 and CO2 Fire Extinguisher Concept helps keep fires at bay

    Designers Chang Min-Chien, Shih Te-Chung, and Chuang Tsai-Feng understand the perils of fighting a blazing fire and have come up with a fantastic fire-fighting concept that could very well save lives. The O2 and CO2 Fire Extinguisher Concept makes killing … Continue reading

    Jakub Záhor’s concept device turns glass-surfaces into computers

    There are designs that catch our eye from time to time and leave us wishing for the future. One of these is designer Jakub Záhor’s brainchild, a concept that could very well change the realm of computing forever. The designer … Continue reading

    Haam, the wheeled carry-on bag concept for school kids

    Younger children are known to dread school for several reasons, particularly the heavy bags they’re made to lug around. These can indeed affect a child’s physical development and cause several health concerns. Product designer Yuree Lim came up with the … Continue reading

    The Lamborghini Perdigón concept, designed to leave the Bugatti Veyron Sport in a cloud of dust!

    And as if the Lamborghini Aventador isn’t intimidating enough, design student Ondrej Jirec from Art Center came up with this ferocious bull concept, christened the Lamborghini Perdigón concept. Built to give the Bugatti Veyron Sport a run for all its … Continue reading

    Concept Facebook bed for the sleep-deprived social networker

    If you’re one of those, who spend the better half of their lives on Facebook, here’s the perfect piece of furniture for your bedroom! The Facebook bed concept, designed by Tomislav Zvonaric seems to be a pretty great way to … Continue reading

    Ford designers fashion futuristic sleigh for Santa Claus!

    If Santa was to ride in a Ford, it’d probably look like this! Designed by a group of Ford designers in merriment of the Christmas season, this ride could probably get Santa around the globe quicker than a bunch of … Continue reading

    Samsung Flip concept folds OLED screen in two

    Phones these days have been increasingly evolving in terms of ergonomics, technology and design. Designer Nick Trumbo’s Samsung Flip concept seems to put the OLED screen technology to interesting use indeed. This concept phone uses an outer screen, and a … Continue reading

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