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    Why this iPhone 7 concept keeps showing up on the Internet

    While many Internet funny sites showcased the iPhone’s evolution as one that contributed only to the size of the device, not many envisioned a concept that would be as radical as this one. This concept iPhone 7 is something that … Continue reading

  • AirDiv concept makes terrestrial gliding a reality

    There’s no better fantasy than spreading your arms and gliding across the terrain, even if it were a few feet about the ground. The AirDiv concept vehicle brings to life this simulation by hoisting its ride on top of the … Continue reading

    Smart Forrail Concept is a mini-train that runs on wheels

    We’ve heard of train coaches that offer you the luxury of luxe cars but here’s a train that mimics one to such an extent that it even looks like one. Behold the Smart Forrail mini train (yes, that’s what it … Continue reading

    The AWWA-QG Progress Eagle uses energy-efficient technology to transport up to 800 passengers!

    The skies need to turn bluer and the only way to do this is by introducing a hue of green in the aviation industry. Airplanes today tend to burn tremendous amounts of fuel, resulting in an increasing amount of air … Continue reading

    First-responder Angell Unit bike promises to reach emergency spots faster

    First-responder vehicles are specifically designed to reach places of emergency, at times when life and death is separated by a few precious minutes. Quite often, these vehicles, like ambulances and fire-trucks, are caught in traffic jams and reach emergency spots … Continue reading

    Apple iPhone 6 concept with holographic projected keyboard grabs eyeballs

    Apple fans have been quietly cribbing about the fact that the company they’ve come to love and adore for its innovation hasn’t been doing much of just that recently! Which is why, designers from around the globe have taken it … Continue reading

    Todd Ham designs an Apple-esque iWatch concept

    Aah, here’s yet another iWatch concept that has led us to wonder just why the apple of the technology world’s eye, Apple Inc., hasn’t unleashed one on the masses yet! The brainchild of one very creative individual named Todd Ham, … Continue reading

    Toyota’s FV2 concept car makes friends with its driver

    Concept cars are made to look ridiculously futuristic on drawing boards. Most of these drawings aren’t completely brought to life when practicality comes into play. However, Toyota’s recent unveiling at the CES 2014 turned heads as the automaker showed of … Continue reading

    The Chinese develop a train that never stops!

    The Chinese hate stopping, and this recent concept train design we spotted recently proves just that! While this may be nothing more than just a concept put down on paper and a digital drive somewhere in China, the very idea … Continue reading

    Morph airline seating concept makes budget-travelling more comfortable

    An economy-class flight is barely a luxury, particularly due to the fact that your knees are put through extremely strenuous situations when your fellow traveler seated in front of you decides to snooze. British design firm Seymourpowell came up with … Continue reading

    Flux Chair concept designer seating solution folds down flat

    Let’s face it, not every foldable and portable seating solution looks great and more often than not, these lose out on their aesthetics to make up for practicality. That’s what sets the Flux Chair a mile apart from the rest. … Continue reading

    It’s a plan! It’s a flying bike! It’s Nicholas Petit’s Flug concept with the R1200 BMW boxer engine!

    Take a superbike, a helicopter and a fighter plane. Mix them all together with a dash of awesomeness, and here’s what you’d probably end up with. Called the Flug, which literally translates to ‘flight’ in German, this craft is a … Continue reading

    The Longboard Stroller, a perfect way to skate with your baby in tow!

    There are a few things in life that one simply cannot give up. One of these is skateboarding. If you’re looking for a way to continue riding your board even after a bunch of responsibilities have been loaded onto you, … Continue reading

    Hotello concept, a makeshift office and hotel room

    Artist Robert de Luca and designer Antonio Scarponi seem to understand space crunches best and have together come up with a portable and transportable room that can easily function as a make-shift office or office room! The designers collaborated to … Continue reading

    The Equinox concept, the world’s most versatile camera!

    High-end cameras, despite the fact that they burn a substantial part of your bank balance, don’t stick towards the modular end of design. Well, that keeps users from switching sensors, lenses and more. Trying to break away from the trend … Continue reading

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