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    AirDiv concept makes terrestrial gliding a reality

    There’s no better fantasy than spreading your arms and gliding across the terrain, even if it were a few feet about the ground. The AirDiv concept vehicle brings to life this simulation by hoisting its ride on top of the … Continue reading

  • The Bimodal concept car promises better stability with a 5th wheel

    At first look, we mistook this futuristic concept car to be the Maserati Birdcage 75th, the brainchild of a Pininfarina design team. While the car has not been completely inspired by the design of the Birdcage, the Bimodal by J. … Continue reading

    Nissan unveils a swanky supercar for a video game, the 2020 Vision Gran Turismo

    Years ago, Nissan managed to stop the world of motorcars stop dead in its tracks and stare wide-eyed as the Japanese automotive giant unveiled one of the most legendary vehicles in the world, the GTR. More recently, the company has … Continue reading

    The Dream Cars exhibit boasts incredible concepts hailing from the decades gone by!

    So you think the Lamborghini Aventador and the BMW i8 are the only cars that’ll never grow old with time, despite the changes in the world of automotive design? Well, get a hold of this! Atlanta’s High Museum of Art … Continue reading

    EDAG develops turtle-shell-inspired 3D printed car concept, called the Genesis

    One of the biggest drawbacks of driving around in a modern-day car is the fact that a simple mistake can, at times, lead you to a hospital or worse. Problems like these could be erased into oblivion in the near … Continue reading

    Hyundai unveils the hydrogen fuel-cell powered Intrado concept

    Hyundai has envisioned the car of the future and created a vehicle that’s capable of turning heads and enabling mankind to get around in a more organic and energy-efficient way. Called the Intrado, this concept car design by the automotive … Continue reading

    Lexus unveils the extremely well chiseled LF-NX crossover concept

    Lexus has been known to churn out cars packed with exceptional amounts of luxury. This is just why the automobile industry is usually left surprised when this automaker unveils concepts like the LF-NX. Fondly referred to as a crossover concept, … Continue reading

    The WitStar autonomous car concept sports a tank full of goldfish

    The Guangzhou Auto Show in China recently saw the unveiling of one very special autonomous vehicle, called the WitStar concept. Besides the fact that this vehicle comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect on a Chinese concept car, … Continue reading

    Toyota reveals FV2 3-wheeled color-changing concept car that can be treated like a Horse

    Automakers will be showing off autonomous vehicles and other concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show taking place later this month, that prove carmakers believe that in future vehicles do more of the driving. Toyota will be revealing FV2 at this … Continue reading

    Caterham AeroSeven Concept sprints to 100kmph in 4 seconds

    They’re small, they’re rare and they’re incredibly fast. Caterham Cars’ contraptions have had a long-standing love affair with the automotive world. The company has recently unveiled yet another little rocket, based on the Seven CSR chassis. Christened the Caterham AeroSeven … Continue reading

    Audi develops the virtual Fleet Shuttle Quattro car for the Ender’s Game

    Audi has never failed to stun the world with its numerous futuristic car concepts. The company manages to do so too with its production cars and is currently one of the largest luxury car manufacturers in the world. The German … Continue reading

    The Bugatti Gangloff concept, inspired by the 1938 Type 57 SC Atalante Coupe

    Bugatti stunned the world with the Veyron supercar, crowned as the world’s fastest street-legal vehicle. Recently, we came across a concept that could very well be the next Bugatti! Called the Gangloff Concept, this one’s inspired by the 1938 Type … Continue reading

    Alex Imnadze’s Lamborghini concept supercar is curvier!

    Lamborghinis have always been exceptional pieces of automotive design. The Italian car manufacturer is known to pull out some pretty awe-striking supercars that have left the best of us collecting pennies in a jar. Automotive designer Alex Imnadze recently came … Continue reading

    Wiesmann Spyder Concept touches speeds of up to 290 km/h!

    The 2012 Essen Motor Show recently saw the unveiling of a car that fits right into Batman’s parking garage. Called the Wiesmann Spyder Concept, this bulky car is based on the Wiesmann brothers’ early designs and uses the best of … Continue reading

    Mercedes Benz unveils the Ener-G Force Concept Car powered by hydrogen!

    Cars of the future are bound to kick fossil fuels away and edge towards cleaners ways to powering up. Just recently, Mercedes Benz unveiled a perfectly green ride that powers up on hydrogen. Called the Ener-G Force Concept Car, this … Continue reading

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