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    Velopresso, the eco-friendly mobile coffee-shop

    Looking for a hot cup of coffee on the go? Well, the Velopresso’s here to the rescue! A trike that dishes out coffees on the go, literally, this mobile espresso bar was designed and developed by coffee-loving bikers, Amos Reid … Continue reading

  • Bob coffee set makes coffee drinking an enjoyable experience

    Antonio Celestino from Brazil has designed Bob coffee set which is inspired by dragons and crocodiles and can be used both in office and home. Developed out of stoneware, it is durable enough for daily use. Bob is a set … Continue reading

    Coffeebrewer concept enables you to make gourmet coffee on the go!

    Though others may beg to differ, sipping an instant coffee is nothing more than a tasteless caffeine shot. For the true aficionados of all that’s brewed, laying hands on a fresh and pleasant cup of coffee on the go isn’t … Continue reading

    Coffee on the Go concept turns coffee-making easier!

    Coffee makers could pretty much go obsolete if this concept hits production lines. Called the Coffee on the Go concept, this brilliant innovation by Upasana Simha uses a design similar to a French press coffee maker. Compact and functional as … Continue reading

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