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    The Foldigon coffee-table-seat is ‘out-of-the-box’!

    Let’s face it. Sitting on a coffee table is never a great idea and acts like these have led to broken backs and broken furniture quite often before. The Rami Tareef Studio decided to put an end to people falling … Continue reading

  • The Flip Coffee Cup Chair/Table is a cheerful start to an early morning!

    Looking for the perfect place to seat your tired frame on a particularly early morning as you sip your refreshing hot brew? Daisuke Motogi Architecture has come up with this fantastic new chair that gives your mornings an amusing touch … Continue reading

    Coffee-Table inspired by swimming pools by Freshwest Design

    Well, the best of us have wished for a swimming pool at home. But given the fact that most homes today are perched in the sky atop apartment towers, owning a personal swimming pool isn’t a breeze, unless you pack … Continue reading

    Apple Power Mac G4 Tower Crunching Numbers Coffee Table

    The Apple Power Mac G4 when launched in 1999 was Apple’s flagship workstation that came in 400, 450, and 500 Mhz of raw power, pun intended! What happens to these old computers now that we are in 2012 with 12-core … Continue reading

    Ruby Steels techie Coffee table

    Ruby Steel, an Innovation Design Engineering student at the RCA has designed this concept coffee table that persuades people to read books for their own personal enjoyment. As one sits on this circular table, a screen exhibits textual information about … Continue reading

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