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    Tiny vibrating device with sensors could help the blind get around!

    Visually impaired people still have a hard time getting around today, despite the fact that technology innovations have reached the pinnacle, or have they? This recent development we’ve spotted could soon be helping folks with visual disorders get around safely … Continue reading

  • Wearable Solar clothes sport solar panels; charge devices on-the-go

    It isn’t just technology, cars and homes that are quickly moving towards the greener side of affairs. Fashion too is following suit and leading the way is the Wearable Solar project. The brainchild of entrepreneur Christiaan Holland, experimental designer Pauline … Continue reading

    Clothing that reacts to the wearers emotions developed for introverts

    We’ve seen some pretty astounding pieces of clothing in our lifetime and then again, we’ve spotted some we simply wouldn’t want to be caught unawares in. Designer Lilian Hipolyte Mushi’s recent development however has left us somewhat amused. Designed for … Continue reading

    Luiz Zanotello’s Nama, the cloth that plays music

    Musical instruments are some of the best creations of mankind. Music as we know it, is the language of souls. Designer Luiz Zanotello’s Nama, an art installation with a touch of music, reflects just that. In essence a fabric hooked … Continue reading

    Minki Cheng designs end-of-the-world survivor clothes

    Well, we are all alive after all and the Mayans were proved wrong. The world hasn’t ended and we’re all still stuck in our mechanical lives. However, if you’re still under the impression that the world could end and you … Continue reading

    P³i Design Lab designs bio-medical clothes that will heal and provide warning signs

    Designed at the P³i Design Lab at Northumbria University using a new breed of smart garments, the new fabric used for clothes will help heal chronic wounds caused by diabetes as well as provide medical professionals with alerts in case … Continue reading

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