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    Cetka chairs by Acid Studio are inspired by woven furniture

    Furniture has had a long affair with the art of weaving, right from wicker chairs that sport woven patterns to wooden seating arrangements that sometimes use woven fibers extensively. To take this relationship up a step, India-based Acid Studio has … Continue reading

  • Frame chair is a photography prop and seating solution alike!

    With the addition of ‘selfie’ to the world’s dictionaries, everyone’s camera-ready all of a sudden. This explains the Frame chair concept by Ola Giertz. Unlike a regular seating arrangement with a soft cushion to sit on and a spongy backrest, … Continue reading

    The Tuttomio chair offers complete privacy with a swivel design

    Finding a place of privacy in an overcrowded world isn’t easy. Structures like the Tuttomio chair however make life easier! Designed by Italian designer Emanuele Magini, this chair literally turns into a full-fledged work space with complete privacy, as and … Continue reading

    The classy and trendy Q1 Lounge Chair is inspired by geodesic domes

    We love furniture that’s completely unique, out-of-the-box and makes you want to stay at home. Though pieces of furniture like these aren’t a common sight, we’ve managed to dig one out, from ODESD2’s stables. Called the Q1 lounge chair, this … Continue reading

    Sharp develops the futuristic Health Care Support Chair

    Health care and technology are a great combination and quite often, the two team-up for exemplary results. Here’s yet another technological advancement given to the world of medicine and health care, the Sharp Health Care Support Chair. This development is … Continue reading

    Flux Chair concept designer seating solution folds down flat

    Let’s face it, not every foldable and portable seating solution looks great and more often than not, these lose out on their aesthetics to make up for practicality. That’s what sets the Flux Chair a mile apart from the rest. … Continue reading

    Pega WindUp chair charges your smartphone

    Given the fact that we’re huge fans of everything related to design and technology, wind-up mechanisms do interest us too, which is why we simply can’t get enough of this fantastic WindUp Chair that charges up your smartphone as you … Continue reading

    The ‘Waste Less’ Chair turns leftover logs into a comfortable rocking chair

    The Waste Less chair by Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop is an amazing modern chair that utilizes timber offcuts leftover from structural beams. The outer segments of a raw oak log are joined together with simple iron treads. Each position can be … Continue reading

    The Flip Coffee Cup Chair/Table is a cheerful start to an early morning!

    Looking for the perfect place to seat your tired frame on a particularly early morning as you sip your refreshing hot brew? Daisuke Motogi Architecture has come up with this fantastic new chair that gives your mornings an amusing touch … Continue reading

    Mobi Chair, the mobile seating arrangement for laptop users

    We’ve just come across a fantastically unconventional yet highly practical concept put together by designer Siddhartha Srivastava. Called the Mobi Chair, this one works as a mobile seat for users looking for a place to sit while working on laptops. … Continue reading

    Scopohilia red-velvet chair covered in hundreds of plastic eyeballs!

    We’ve never had furniture so eye-catching before, literally. Called the Scopohilia (love of looking), this concept chair by Fiona Roberts is covered with plastic eyeballs. Covered in red velvet with the eyeballs lining the seat and back rest, the chair … Continue reading

    German designers perform thousands of tests to build the most comfortable R18 Ultra Chair

    When Audi decides to build a concept design, the German automaker makes sure it does it right. In an attempt to build the perfect chair, Audi and a group of other German designers set up an R18 Ultra Chair made … Continue reading

    Caterpillar chair by Kim Xerock turns into a bed and back!

    So, you’ve always fancied having a chair in your tiny living space, though thanks to space crunches, you’ve simply never managed to bring one home, right? Well, here’s a concept that’s bound to have you jumping with joy! Designed by … Continue reading

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