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    Rinspeed’s Etos Autonomous concept car pairs with a drone, paints the future of automobiles

    With the approaching CES 2016, we can see more being done on the concept front. Take Rinspeed for instance. Their Etos Autonomous concept car is absolutely love-worthy and packs an added punch to the experiences it promises to deliver. While … Continue reading

  • AirDiv concept makes terrestrial gliding a reality

    There’s no better fantasy than spreading your arms and gliding across the terrain, even if it were a few feet about the ground. The AirDiv concept vehicle brings to life this simulation by hoisting its ride on top of the … Continue reading

    Stockholm to join 200 European cities to ban cars for a day

    Banning cars could mean a number of adjustments and inconveniences in life, but hey, it can also strongly foster the feeling of eco-consciousness. To try out the potency of this remarkably daring move to counter pollution, Stockholm, Sweden, has joined … Continue reading

    EDAG develops turtle-shell-inspired 3D printed car concept, called the Genesis

    One of the biggest drawbacks of driving around in a modern-day car is the fact that a simple mistake can, at times, lead you to a hospital or worse. Problems like these could be erased into oblivion in the near … Continue reading

    Terrafugia is currently developing autonomous flying cars!

    Let’s not deny it, we’re still obsessed with the idea of owning a flying car, which is one of the reasons most of us let out a longing sigh every time we watch the Jetsons fly away in one of … Continue reading

    This would be the “car of the future” if we were currently in the year 1950

    Let’s not call this the “car of the future”, like it’s intended to be. Instead, let’s call it a pretty decent attempt at creating an extremely outlandish car that not a lot of us would chose to show up in. … Continue reading

    Elio Motors unveils a 3-wheeled energy-efficient ride for just $6,800 a pop

    Three-wheeled cars have never really been the most popular way to drive down to work, the grocery store or college. More often than not, these have been ridiculed, right from the Reliant Robin to the Peel P50. Things could look … Continue reading

    Jet-powered Bloodhound SSC car capable of achieving mach 1.4!

    When a vehicle’s named a Bloodhound, we imagine things are bound to get serious! And we certainly weren’t disappointed! Behold the supersonic Bloodhound SSC, a car-rocket-jet vehicle capable of achieving mach 1.4! While its creators call it a car, we … Continue reading

    Genesis self-building cars are developed using 3D printers

    One cannot deny the possibilities that 3D printing has brought to the modern world. A development like this could shorten the length of assembly lines in manufacturing units today and make the production of several products extremely inexpensive. Vehicle designer … Continue reading

    Glance through these important points before deciding on buying a used car in Hyderabad

    India is a rapidly growing country. Its youth is becoming independent day by day thanks to the culture that multinational companies have brought in. youngsters are no more dependent on govt. jobs. In many cases the starting salary of the … Continue reading

    The crafter of cars, Sergio Pininfarina passes away at 85

    On the 8th of September 1926, a legend was born in Turin. Now, nearly eight decades after, the world has lost one of its best automobile designers, Sergio Pininfarina. Born Sergio Farina, he went ahead to create history in the … Continue reading

    Robofold technology folds cars into being, just like Origami!

    Human beings aren’t the only ones who can design cars these days. With technology developing quicker than ever, humans need to rely less on their own handiwork and can very well craft out products of their imagination, using robots! Take … Continue reading

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