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    Triple-decker Busses make urban travelling easier

    In today’s cluttered urban environment, driving around in your own car can be pretty tedious at times, particularly if the city you live in is synonymous with cramped and packed streets. At times as such, hopping on to a mass-transport … Continue reading

  • Tree inspired bus shelter is fashionable yet handy

    Taking inspiration from the shade a tree provides, Nicola D’Alessandro has designed a great bus shelter than not only gives shade to people but also looks good. The shelter’s board is wedged onto a metal skeleton and adding more panels … Continue reading

    The Autotram Extra Grand bus is the world’s longest at 98 feet

    If Australia has its road-trains, the city of Dresden in Germany will be home to the world’s longest bus. At 98 feet, the bus can seat more passengers than some commercial airliners. The 256-seater three-section bus has been designed Fraunhofer … Continue reading

    Bus shelters from around the globe go cooler than the rest

    Bus stops more often than not are built to conform and leave out any imagination when it comes to design. We on the other hand spotted a bunch of bus stops sprinkled all over the world that are set apart … Continue reading

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