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    Isbjerget residential complex resembles icebergs

    When the architectural firms JDS, CEBRA, SeARCH, and Louis Paillard set out looking for inspiration for their joint venture, they probably stumbled across icebergs. It comes as no surprise that their collaboration, called the Isbjerget, looks just like these icy … Continue reading

  • Chinese construction team replicates the Wangjing Soho; nears completion before the original!

    The Chinese appreciate well-designed stuff. So much, that they’re extremely comfortable creating carbon copies of the same! The latest case of extreme replication in China is the Wangjing Soho building’s copy. While the original building designed by London-based architect Zaha … Continue reading

    Patrick Blanc’s vertical garden system makes buildings look greener than ever!

    In a world with green spots quickly disappearing and concrete jungles spreading quicker than wild fires, vertical gardens seem to be a pretty innovatively practical way to bring back the green in our neighborhoods. Nestled in Paris, the Quai Branly … Continue reading

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