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    The QBracelet is the world’s most beautiful portable smartphone charger

    A mobile phone charger is generally nothing more than an extremely ugly tangle of wires that leaves you tethered to an electric socket. That’s exactly what separates the QBracelet from your conventional charger. Designed by Q Designs, this charger is … Continue reading

  • Nymi bracelet uses heartbeats for passwords!

    Little did we know that scanners that read human fingerprints and eye-scans that in turn work as passwords would turn old school so soon! To replace this technology is the Nymi, a new route to biometric security. Devised by Karl … Continue reading

    Social networking bracelet that lets you find similar people around you

    As creepy as it sounds, Cambridge-based startup company has developed the Amico Bracelet that accesses you social networking profiles, analyzes and keeps transmitting it to people up to 50 feet from you. This bracelet helps you find people similar to … Continue reading

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