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    Mini unveils mini mobile homes for mini vacations

    BMW’s British automotive marque, Mini, has just proved that small is indeed quite big, so long as you don’t ferry everyone in your family around wherever you go. The automobile manufacturer has just unveiled a line-up of Mini variants that … Continue reading

  • BMW designs futuristic subway cars for Kuala Lumpur’s new metro line

    After looking at the i3 and the i8 street cars, we’re quite convinced that the German automobile giant, BMW, has somewhat been inspired by the Tron: Legacy movie. Most recently, BMW has managed to convince us yet again, with these … Continue reading

    It’s a plan! It’s a flying bike! It’s Nicholas Petit’s Flug concept with the R1200 BMW boxer engine!

    Take a superbike, a helicopter and a fighter plane. Mix them all together with a dash of awesomeness, and here’s what you’d probably end up with. Called the Flug, which literally translates to ‘flight’ in German, this craft is a … Continue reading

    BMW unveils the new two-door i3 Coupe Concept!

    German auto-manufacturer BMW has just unveiled its latest vehicle in its futuristic range of cars. Called the BMW i3 Coupe Concept, this one uses LifeDrive architecture and includes a Life Module cabin. The car is an evolution of the current … Continue reading

    BMW i Pedelec Concept is a stylish eco-friendly urban bicycle

    I want to say that the age of hybrids in not too far away from us. It is a brilliant source of energy and an admirable way of giving back to mother nature. Having said that, it would be a … Continue reading

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