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    Ninebot One is a self-balancing electric unicycle that can beat jams

    The design and brilliance in science that the Ninebot One portrays is unparalleled. This cool electric unicycle scooter is a self-balancing one that reaches speeds of up to 18 to 22 kmph. It is swanky and doesn’t make you look … Continue reading

  • Ford’s electric bicycle warns riders about potholes

    It’s called the MoDe:Flex and it’s here to save many a life and limb of cyclists. The idea behind the working of this electric-assist bicycle is that it can efficiently warn cyclists of upcoming road craters and potholes, thanks to … Continue reading

    Chinese web giant Baidu to releases the Dubike e-bike concept

    Like everything else, China has its own “Google” too. The Chinese web services company Baidu, is now looking forward to unleashing an electric bike too, to grab the attention of the world. Called the Dubike, this e-bike will come with … Continue reading

    The Impossible electric bicycle folds and fits inside a backpack!

    Every once in a while we gracefully stumble across a vehicle that makes us question the laws of physics and the existence of gravity. Called the Impossible and developed by Impossible Technology, this bicycle has the most apt name we’ve … Continue reading

    Engineering students build the Arion 1, the soon-to-be fastest bicycle in the world!

    The next time you see an oversized pill zipping by you as you drive to work, fear not, the world isn’t being taken over by giant antibiotics! Instead, this pill-like contraption is the Arion 1, the world’s fastest bicycle developed … Continue reading

    Jyrobike, the self-balancing bicycle, promises to keep you off the floor

    They say the more you fall off your bike, the quicker you learn. What they actually forget to tell you is the fact that falling off your bike will give you more cuts and bruises than a Spartan fighting against … Continue reading

    Tribe Studio helps store bicycles in a Sydney home’s ceiling

    One of the great things of owning a bicycle is the fact that parking that darned contraption isn’t half as difficult as parking a gas-guzzling V6. Keeping this in mind, Australian architects Tribe Studio managed to use the atrium of … Continue reading

    ARION1, the world’s fastest bicycle, is 40 times more aerodynamic than the Bugatti Veyron

    If you’ve been imagining that the world’s fastest bicycle will probably look like one of those ridden at the Tour de France, you’re dreadfully wrong. Instead, students from Liverpool University in the U.K. have developed a bicycle that touches 90 … Continue reading

    Butchers & Bicycles develops the MK1 tilt-action cargo tricycle

    Bicycles and tricycles with cargo units aren’t built to be fun and more often than not, these contraptions are cumbersome and aren’t really best taken around corners at higher speeds. Butchers & Bicycles thinks differently though and have come with … Continue reading

    Lightfog develops a bicycle that eats pollutants and gives out clean air

    We’ve always hailed bicycles as the best way to travel in modern society, given the fact that these simple contraptions allow us to get to destinations of our choice while helping maintain our physiques and keeping the environment clean. However, … Continue reading

    Beastie, a Kevlar-fiberglass bicycle that could soon be the world’s fastest!

    To be honest, the first time we stumbled across the Beastie, we really didn’t figure it out to be a bike. Unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, the Beastie is scheduled to be the fasted bike in the world. Made … Continue reading

    The Kangaroo bike sports a new riding position for more cargo space

    Looking for a great way to head down to the grocery store and back home with your purchases, without having to resort to the services of your gas guzzler? The Kangaroo bike is the answer! A concept developed by Andrea … Continue reading

    Levitation, the bicycle that hovers off the ground and charges your phone!

    Flying cars might still be decades away but we’ve recently come across levitating bicycles! Architect Michael Strain came up with this bicycle concept called the Levitation, for the obvious reason that it lifts itself off the ground! Using a combination … Continue reading

    BullTron bicycle concept uses an electric motor

    There are a few vehicle designs around that are inspired by biological forms and very often remind one of animals. Take this bike for example, designed by Joana Braga hailing from Portugal. The bike is called the BullTron and as … Continue reading

    BigFoot, the tandem bicycle for four

    And if you think you’ve seen the best of tandem bike designs before, get a hold of this! The BigFoot is a concept by designer Stoth from Slovakia. A one-of-a-kind bicycle, this one allows up to four adults to travel … Continue reading

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