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    Fugu automatic inflatable bag enables you to travel with more!

    Ever experienced that nerve-wrecking moment when you simply can’t fit all you wish to into a single bag before you take off on an airplane? Fugu seems to have the answer! Called the “world’s most revolutionary luggage for shopaholics”, this … Continue reading

  • La Fonction no. 1, the best way to work on-the-go!

    Working on-the-go now has a whole new meaning. The folks at French design firm piKs Design pulled this fantastic concept out of their bags of tricks, called the La Fonction no. 1. What looks like a docile designer briefcase turns … Continue reading

    Human bean! The Zmogai bean bag is shaped like a person!

    By now, we all know what a bean bag is. A perfect piece of furniture to slump on and spend a lazy day, coiled up with a book and a hot cup of coffee, bean bags do what simple straight-back … Continue reading

    Powerbag charges up portable devices on the go

    Running out of charge and having to scamper around to find a place to plug in your devices on the go isn’t something you’ll need to worry about any longer, if you buy one of these exceptional backpacks that is. … Continue reading

    Haam, the wheeled carry-on bag concept for school kids

    Younger children are known to dread school for several reasons, particularly the heavy bags they’re made to lug around. These can indeed affect a child’s physical development and cause several health concerns. Product designer Yuree Lim came up with the … Continue reading

    Sustainable eco bag transforms into a hanger, origami style

    In today’s world, the hunt is on for developing everything with a sustainable approach. One such effort by designers Hyojun Jeon, Younha Hwang and Minjae Kwan has been to create a paper bag which when folded transforms into a clothes … Continue reading

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