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    Researchers develop backpack that charges your smartphone as you walk

    Our smartphones, tablets and laptops are things we cannot live without, simply given the fact that we’re slowly turning into a species that cannot exist without being digitally connected at all times. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology seem … Continue reading

  • Rhino Skin backpack doubles up as a bullet-proof vest

    There are places around the world where normal day-to-day life is mixed up with civil tension and military action. At times like these, protecting oneself from the onslaught of bullets while stepping outside is obviously crucial and designer Hila Raam … Continue reading

    The Tessel Jet Pack Backpack, inspired by the world of aviation!

    We’ve all had dreams of soaring through the heavens above. Well, even with the development of technology, personal flying isn’t possible, yet. Recently, we came across a backpack that doesn’t really make you fly, but is indeed inspired by the … Continue reading

    Parapak, a backpack for wheelchairs

    The disabled and those who find it difficult to get around on a daily basis due to mobility-affecting illnesses have their fair share of trouble carrying stuff around on the go. Addressing their difficulties, designer Candice Lin came up with … Continue reading

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