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    Audi develops the virtual Fleet Shuttle Quattro car for the Ender’s Game

    Audi has never failed to stun the world with its numerous futuristic car concepts. The company manages to do so too with its production cars and is currently one of the largest luxury car manufacturers in the world. The German … Continue reading

  • Audi unveils intelligent ‘swarm’ tail-light concept

    German automobile manufacturer, Audi, is known for its sheer innovation. The company recently unveiled an extremely fascinating touch given to a car, on unlike any seen before kicking away traditional tail-lights, Audi had installed on the boot of its car … Continue reading

    Audi E-Bike Concept, the future of superbikes

    German car manufacturer Audi has been synonymous with well-chiseled vehicle designs. Designer Rotimi Solola used the Audi’s design influences to come up with this astounding bike concept. Completely unconventional and unlike any you might have stumbled across before, this bike … Continue reading

    Audi R8 inspired wheelchair is extremely erogenous

    Wheelchair designs are developing. We brought you the specially designed wheelchair seat for the Paralympics and now Neilson Navarrete has designed a futuristic wheelchair that displays the “cool” factor. Taking inspiration from the Audi R8, the wheelchair’s most eye-catching feature … Continue reading

    German designers perform thousands of tests to build the most comfortable R18 Ultra Chair

    When Audi decides to build a concept design, the German automaker makes sure it does it right. In an attempt to build the perfect chair, Audi and a group of other German designers set up an R18 Ultra Chair made … Continue reading

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