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    The iPhone 8: There’s More Than One Way Home

    Let’s say, for the sake of our argument, you are the sole owner of the only working time machine in existence. Rather than using it for good or evil — like rigging the election so Donald Trump was never elected, … Continue reading

  • This iPhone 7 concept sees off the 3.5 mm jack

    While we’re contemplating what features the iPhone 7 could bring and drop, designer Eric Huismann has visualized one concept that completely does away with the 3.5 mm jack. Instead, he hopes for a world where iPhone users will be entertained … Continue reading

    Apple Radio comes with two 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound speakers

    Apple have set the benchmark for design innovation and there’s no doubting that they’re leading the charge when it comes to enhancing quality of products through good looks and design. This astonishingly ‘Apple’ Radio device is testimony to this fact. … Continue reading

    Images of Apple’s Cupertino headquarters unveiled

    Apple has a way of making its fans and competitors go “Oh gosh”! Most recently, extremely realistic and detailed images of the American technology giant’s headquarters hit webspace. The new spaceship headquarters has been drawing quite a lot of attention … Continue reading

    The Apple iDesk concept turns an iPad into a huge workstation!

    American technology giant Apple, is known for creating devices that manage to grab eyeballs with their minimalist designs and beautiful edges. Drawing inspiration from these designs, the folks at MacLife decided to create an Apple iDesk concept that turns an … Continue reading

    Apple delays plans for Cupertino super-headquarters

    Apple had the world looking up in awe lately after having unveiled the plans for a futuristic campus. Designed to house nearly 13,000 employees, the headquarters is reminiscent of a spaceship. The completion date for the same which was earlier … Continue reading

    Apple Power Mac G4 Tower Crunching Numbers Coffee Table

    The Apple Power Mac G4 when launched in 1999 was Apple’s flagship workstation that came in 400, 450, and 500 Mhz of raw power, pun intended! What happens to these old computers now that we are in 2012 with 12-core … Continue reading

    Is the iPhone 6 concept savvy enough for you?

    It is no surprise how secretive Apple is about the products that they are launching; be it the iPad, iPhone, or even the MacBooks. While we wait for the launch of the iPhone 5 later this year, Antoine Brieux from … Continue reading

    The Cloud House, inspired by the simplicity of the Apple iPod

    Making technology simple is more difficult done than said and Apple has been known to roll out some pretty exceptional designs. Drawing inspiration from the technology-giant’s brainchild, the iPod, architect John Beckmann of Axis Mundi fame sculpted into being the … Continue reading

    Apple iPad 4 concept sports a flip-out touch keyboard and a Retina display!

    Apple has successfully marketed its tablet, the iPad, and has subsequently seemed to capture the imagination of designers all around too with the same! Designer Luis Fonseca recently unveiled this design for the future iPad 4. A concept rendering of … Continue reading

    Designer Anton Kudin’s Fold-to-Unlock enables you to fold away your iPhone’s lock screen!

    And just when we thought nothing gets better than the current Slide-to-Unlock that Apple has on offer on its iPhones, designer Anton Kudin unveiled this glorious way to unlock your iOS smartphone! Unlike the usual sliding animation, this one “folds” … Continue reading

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