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    Mexico City to soon play home to an ultra modern airport

    Airports are big. We all know that for a fact. That fact is also the reason why most architects love designing airports, since they work as oversized canvases and sandboxes they can play with. Recently, TEN arquitectos + SOM + … Continue reading

  • Sound Showers help you relax at crowded airports

    Airports tend to be noisy, over-crowded and well, uncomfortable. Making your trip in the skies a little more comfortable, the Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL) has come up with this superb concept called Sound Showers. The concept works literally as its … Continue reading

    Gatwick Airport to incorporate the use of RoboTaxis to ferry passengers

    In the near future, travelling to and from airport terminals could pretty much turn into a tech-packed and seemingly more comfortable affair. Leading the way ahead is the Gatwick Airport that is currently drawing up plans for futuristic cab-like transportation … Continue reading

    Dream & Fly offers travellers sleeping cubicles at airports

    Ever wondered how to spend your time during those long layovers? Stepping into restaurants and bars to grab a bite or a drink is one option. But if you have a layover of 10 hours without a transit visa to … Continue reading

    Kopperscape- Sculptural airport seating designed by Karim Rashid

    “Kopperscape” is the airport seating for Edmonton International Airport in Canada designed by Karim Rashid. This 2000 square foot sculpture is inspired by Karim’s notion of space, surface and object, all integrated in one organic landscape. The airport seating features … Continue reading

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