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    Child-friendly wheelchairs for Israel developed by the Wheelchairs of Hope project

    Citizens of middle-eastern areas like Israel have been suffering the woes of war since years now and some of the worst hit in places like these are children. Many a times, disabled children living in areas like these do not … Continue reading

  • Whill Type-A electric motorized wheelchair hits production lines

    Wheelchairs don’t necessarily need to be a painful eye-sore and the Whill concept proves just that. Unveiled quite some time ago at the Tokyo Motor Show, this futuristic wheelchair was designed to give the mobility impaired folk a better means … Continue reading

    Pro CAD, the rain-beating canopy for wheelchairs

    The rains and the snow aren’t always a welcoming sight. For the few of us, these elemental changes can cause quite a lot of problems, especially those of mobility for those constrained to wheelchairs. Rains and light snow makes getting … Continue reading

    Audi R8 inspired wheelchair is extremely erogenous

    Wheelchair designs are developing. We brought you the specially designed wheelchair seat for the Paralympics and now Neilson Navarrete has designed a futuristic wheelchair that displays the “cool” factor. Taking inspiration from the Audi R8, the wheelchair’s most eye-catching feature … Continue reading

    Kenguru : An ideal Wheelchair-Accessible Green Electric vehicle

    Wheelchair bound people face unique mobility challenges when it comes to transportation. A recent addition to the electric vehicle market expects to bring green transportation to more persons that use wheelchairs. Originally developed by Hungarian company Kenguru an electric vehicle … Continue reading

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