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    3D printed casts enable ultrasound technology to be used to heal bones

    It’s common knowledge in the medical world that ultrasound technology can help in the healing of broken bones. The only reason this isn’t used on a large scale today to heal fractures is because of the limitations of conventional plaster-casts. … Continue reading

  • EDAG develops turtle-shell-inspired 3D printed car concept, called the Genesis

    One of the biggest drawbacks of driving around in a modern-day car is the fact that a simple mistake can, at times, lead you to a hospital or worse. Problems like these could be erased into oblivion in the near … Continue reading

    Futuristic Thanksgiving food to be cooked up in laboratories!

    A Thanksgiving without a turkey is, well, nothing much to be thankful about. Thanksgiving in the future is slated to be radically different from what it is today, particularly because of the fact that human-kind will soon settle for food … Continue reading

    Professor Berokh Khoshnevis develops technology to print out homes

    Some things are easier said than done, but not everyone really thinks along these lines. University of Southern California professor Berokh Khoshnevis has been spending quite a lot of time obsessing over 3D printing technology, so much, that he has … Continue reading

    Genesis self-building cars are developed using 3D printers

    One cannot deny the possibilities that 3D printing has brought to the modern world. A development like this could shorten the length of assembly lines in manufacturing units today and make the production of several products extremely inexpensive. Vehicle designer … Continue reading

    3D printed Cortex casts could soon be the next best way to heal bone fractures

    The next time you decide to do something incredibly silly and wind up fracturing your arm, you probably won’t have to wear those heavy itchy plasters. Instead, this concept by Victoria University of Wellington graduate Jake Evill could pretty much … Continue reading

    3D printed cars to hit city streets by 2015!

    3D printing is here and we can safely say that the technology has developed enough to be used to create bigger objects of day-to-day life, like cars! We’ve just heard news of the first 3D printed train to hit the … Continue reading

    Architect from Holland uses 3D printing to construct building!

    There simply is no denying the fact that the future of design and development of products lies in 3D printing. For the uninitiated, 3D printing allows designers to literally print out products including day-to-day stuff, like buildings! An architect in … Continue reading

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