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    Samsung plans to reveal its Gear VR headset alongside the Note 4

    samsung-gear-vr-headsetVR is the new smart-watch, and given the fact that everyone’s raving about VR technology, South Korean electronics giant Samsung has decided to jump aboard the bandwagon too. Reports state that the company plans to unleash the Gear VR with the Galaxy Note 4 at IFA 2014. Unlike the Oculus Rift headset however, the Gear VR isn’t standalone and will connect to a Galaxy device through USB 3.0.
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  • Atom Bomb Custom Motorcycles turns a Ducati 900SS into a naked streetfighter

    ducati-900ss-custom-bike-1If you’ve ever spotted the 1996 Ducati 900SS before, you probably know that this mean machine is anything but a streetfighter. However, that hasn’t kept designer Clay Rathburn of Atom Bomb Custom Motorcycles from transforming this legendary superbike into a naked rocket! Nicknamed the Eleven, the modified bike sports a 999 frame built from scratch, newly fabricated aluminum bodywork, Showa forks from a late-model Suzuki GSX-R, Brembo monobloc radial brake calipers and a new 4.5 gallon tank.
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    Engineering students build the Arion 1, the soon-to-be fastest bicycle in the world!

    worlds-fastest-bicycle-1The next time you see an oversized pill zipping by you as you drive to work, fear not, the world isn’t being taken over by giant antibiotics! Instead, this pill-like contraption is the Arion 1, the world’s fastest bicycle developed by eight engineering students from University of Liverpool. The bicycle hopes to break the record currently held by the Dutch-made XeloX3 that stands at 83.1 miles per hour.
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    Gerry Judah creates 160-ton-steel installation for Mercedes Benz

    mercedes-benz-sculpture-1Those who’ve been playing with Hot Wheels racetracks probably won’t find this as awesome as us, given the fact that this fabulous structure is nothing short of a modern-world marvel. Artist Gerry Judah created this sculpture for Mercedes Benz in celebration of the Goodword Festival of Speed 2014. The structure is an 85-foot-high arched installation soars over Goodword House and is a 160-ton-steel chunk. Measuring 295 feet long, the structure features two cars, the 1934 Mercedes-Benz W25 “Silver Arrow” and the 2013 Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 W04.
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    Mercedes Benz shows off the Future Truck 2025 self-driving concept!

    Now that automated cars have already hit the roads and have stunned the world with their incredibly intelligent capabilities, Mercedes Benz has begun work on futuristic trucks that can do pretty much the same too! Truck drivers are exposed to long hours of tiresome driving and need rest. Mercedes Benz plans to make a truck that’s capable of driving itself on open roads, enabling drivers to push away from the steering wheel and rest.
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    Child-friendly wheelchairs for Israel developed by the Wheelchairs of Hope project

    kids-wheelchairCitizens of middle-eastern areas like Israel have been suffering the woes of war since years now and some of the worst hit in places like these are children. Many a times, disabled children living in areas like these do not receive enough medical attention due to lack of funds and facilities. In a bid to make their lives a little simpler, the Wheelchairs of Hope project is currently working hard on giving these kids access to a very special wheelchair, one that’s durable and affordable.
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    Israel builds a fortress on wheels, the Combat Guard

    zombie-apocalypse-survival-vehicleIsrael likes staying prepared for things. The country recently revealed this extremely jaw-dropping and to-die-for, or rather, not-to-die-in armor car. Developed by Israeli Military Industries, the Combat Guard is a four wheel drive packing a 00 horsepower General Motors Diesel engine. This one can withstand small arms fire, landmines, IEDs and zombies and can carry up to eight soldiers comfortably.
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    The Distortion bag is futuristically suave!

    distortion-futuristic-bag-1Fashion designers love triangles. This is just why BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE and N&R Foldings joined hands recently to create a bag that’s completely constructed from triangles! Called Distortion, this bag is as out-of-the-box as can be and has its triangular pieces attached to a kind of mesh material. When put together, the Distortion bag transforms into a completely practical accessory!
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    Austrian architects create a one-of-a-kind zig-zag building façade

    zig-zag-building-facade-1Flat facades are boring. Instead of settling for these, Love Architecture and Urbanism came up with this concept façade that’ll make just about any multi-floored structure eye-catching and awesome! Based in Graz, the architects came up with this façade to transform the new Ragnitzstrasse 36 apartment block and give it a spark at a better life. The façade includes zig-zag balconies that are great to look at and don’t compromise on privacy either!
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    Frame chair is a photography prop and seating solution alike!

    frame-chair-1With the addition of ‘selfie’ to the world’s dictionaries, everyone’s camera-ready all of a sudden. This explains the Frame chair concept by Ola Giertz. Unlike a regular seating arrangement with a soft cushion to sit on and a spongy backrest, the Frame looks like what its name claims it to be, a 3D photo-frame! The chair was designed for Materia and enables users to sit on it in different positions, for the best of their comfort.
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