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    The QBracelet is the world’s most beautiful portable smartphone charger

    qbracelet-4A mobile phone charger is generally nothing more than an extremely ugly tangle of wires that leaves you tethered to an electric socket. That’s exactly what separates the QBracelet from your conventional charger. Designed by Q Designs, this charger is shaped like a bracelet and doubles up as a fashion accessory. To charge your phone, simply hook up your device to the QBracelet’s lightning connector or micro-USB inputs!
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  • Smokey Wheels mug represents rebellion, revolution and a stack of tires

    smoky-wheels-the-revolutionary-mugIf you’ve been hooked to the television screen off late, you might have realized that Ukraine does have its fair share of troubles. Inspired by the fighting spirit of the population and rubber tires, which are the “burning symbols of selfless struggles,” designer Dmitry Kopatsky unleashed the Smoky Wheels mug, a concept early-morning accessory that resembles a stack of tires. The creators of this revolutionary mug state that it’s a perfect masculine concept.
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    Designer Behzad Rashidi develops a hands-free crutch that enables wearers to sit down

    Sit-Stand-Behzad-Rashidi-1Living with a crutch isn’t easy and people who’ve been experienced this while recovering from leg injuries will agree. It’s been nearly a century since the current crutch design first surfaced and nothing has changed much, leaving the current design outdated and in dire need of an upgrade. That’s where designer Behzad Rashidi’s Sit & Stand Walking Assistant comes into play. This revolutionary crutch is a hands-free aide that cleverly uses a wearer’s upper body strength to support the weight of an injured leg!
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    LEGO shows off its revolutionary new headquarters in Turkey by OSO Architecture

    lego-1LEGO blocks are one of the finest tools to display creativity, we all know that. What we also know now is that OSO Architecture has managed to portray just that with the LEGO company’s Turkey headquarters! This office space is as out-of-the-box as it gets and is completely inspired by the world of LEGO blocks. Designed in accordance with a specific requirement program, this 350m² office can house 23 people.
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    Artist Arturo Erbsman designs a chandelier made of ice

    ice-chandelier-1Let’s face it, chandeliers are pretty darned pretty and have a way of turning any room into a replica of a medieval-age mansion. Belgian artist Arturo Erbsman has spent a lifetime designing lighting solutions and recently pulled out this piece of awesomeness out of his bag of magic tricks. Called the Polar Light, this chandelier is anything but ordinary. Instead of using shiny glass pieces and crystals to create this one, Erbsman used ice!
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    The Jellyfish House is a home built around a swimming pool!

    transparent-rooftop-pool-1Swimming pools are usually built into homes; homes aren’t generally built around swimming pools! This is what makes the Jellyfish House in Marbella on the Mediterranean coast of Spain a modern marvel. Built by Wiel Arets Architects, the home’s infinity-edge pool faces southwest with the Sierra Bianca mountain range in the distance. The pool weighs approximately 66 tons with a glass-bottom floor and a panoramic window.
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    Designer Hilla Shamia blends wood and aluminum to create seamless furniture

    wood-casting-furniture-5We’ve seen aluminum and wood being used together to create mild-mannered pieces of furniture before. Never have we seen the two materials blend into each other so well however, and Israel-based product designer Hilla Shamia has managed to come up with a line of seating arrangements that are more than just a highly practical visual treat. Using innovative wood casting techniques, Shamia’s line of furniture prove that natural materials can blend extremely well with those manipulated by human hands.
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    Skylon, the carbon fiber spacecraft of the future, will reach speeds of mach 25

    skylon-spaceship-1The limitations of physics have never kept human-kind from breaking barriers and developing cutting-edge technology to aide faster travel. One such conceptual development is the Skylon, a spacecraft that will offer people in the future a reliable, responsive and cost effective means to travel to space! Powered by synergistic air-breathing rocket engines (SABRE), these futuristic aircrafts will be automated, without pilots, and will autonomously take off from a runway, fly direct to earth orbit and return for a runway landing, just like an aircraft.
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    Cetka chairs by Acid Studio are inspired by woven furniture

    acid-studio-cetka-chair-1Furniture has had a long affair with the art of weaving, right from wicker chairs that sport woven patterns to wooden seating arrangements that sometimes use woven fibers extensively. To take this relationship up a step, India-based Acid Studio has unleashed the Cetka, a chair that is influenced by the art of weaving. The chair has intricately interlacing lines that serve as an ornamental advantage while giving the seat a sturdy base.
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    Energy-generating illuminated duck will help power Copenhagen with solar juice

    solar-energy-duck-1The duck that gave golden eggs may be a fairy tale, but this one that generates solar energy sure as hell isn’t! Conceived by designers Hareth Pochee, Adam Khan, Louis Leger and Patrick Fryer, from Britain, this sculptor is fun to look at and helps the environment too! Inspired by the enormous eider (a northern sea duck), the Energy Duck has been submitted as an entry of the 2014 Land Art Generator Initiative Design Competition.
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