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    Heating with Design in Mind

    radiatorsDesigning your home to make it the perfect living space for you and your family can be an exciting time in your life. It is an opportunity to make your home the perfect fit for your lifestyle and your family’s needs, while also creating comfortable and attractive surroundings.
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  • The Neckset concept lets you use your large-display gadget, handsfree!

    necksetUsing a smartphone keeps your hand, or probably both your hands, occupied, making these nifty devices somewhat cumbersome to use. We’ve seen quite a few handsfree smartphone solutions popping up in the past, but this one seems to take the cake. While we don’t see the masses switching to the Neckset any time soon, the concept does seem convincing enough for the future. The Neckset handsfree contraption fits around a wearer’s neck and works as a stand for a smartphone or tablet, enabling a user to view the screen without needing to hold onto it.
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    The Coupémotion concept for Bugatti powers up with four electric hub motors

    ebugatti-1Sometime in the future, Bugatti may finally retire the Veyron and give the world something we’ve never seen before, something as awe-striking as the Coupémotion concept probably. Designed by Henri von Freyberg and inspired by Bugatti’s “pur sang” design principle, the Coupémotion concept is the winner of the Auto Design Prague: Talent of the Year Award, and for good reason!
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    If Superman had his own business cards, where would he keep them?

    Creative-Business-Cards-5What if you were handed a business card every time a superhero rescued you, would you call back? Well, given the fact that most superheroes prefer keeping their identities under wraps, they probably wouldn’t opt for a business card, unless it’s Iron Man we’re talking about. Design firm Moo created these one-of-a-kind business cards for our friendly vigilantes or despicable villains and their alter-egos.
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    Wacaco Minipresso dishes out espresso shots on the go

    minipressoThere’s a lot a shot of coffee can do, from giving you the sudden confidence of a used-car salesman to bestowing unlimited energy upon your sensory system. To keep you going through the day without dropping to your knees in surrender, Wacaco has unveiled the Minipresso, a pocket-sized espresso machine that’ll give you a fresh shot of espresso when you need one! Standing just six inches tall, the gadget uses a hand pump and produces a 1.7-ounce espresso!
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    Spaceship-like beach-front home generates electricity from tidal energy

    margot-krasojevic-hydroelectric-tidal-house-1What’s the best way to keep strangers off your property? Build a home that looks like a spaceship belonging to an evil alien race that’s here to destroy mankind! Architect and designer Margot Krasojevic seems to have designed the perfect home for the ones who love living in strangely shaped homes, away from the banes of society. Called the Hydroelectric Tidal House, this one’s crafted to be built on a shoreline and uses tidal energy to generate electricity!
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    The Bimodal concept car promises better stability with a 5th wheel

    bimodal-concept-car-1At first look, we mistook this futuristic concept car to be the Maserati Birdcage 75th, the brainchild of a Pininfarina design team. While the car has not been completely inspired by the design of the Birdcage, the Bimodal by J. Sardo – F. Bruni does seem to be pretty remarkable in its own stead. This concept is as futuristic as it gets and reeks advanced aerodynamics. However, unlike every future car we’ve peeked at before, the Bimodal sports a hidden advantage, called the ProGrip System!
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    The Sunseeker Sport Yacht 155, a super-luxury yacht with a big belly!

    sunseeker-sport-yacht-155-1A few of us are adventurous enough to drop everything we’ve got going on for us and circumnavigate the earth from time to time. Designer Vuk Nemanja Zoraja has come up with a vessel that’s designed to suit the tastes of individuals like these, particularly those who’ve got a few million bucks to blow up. Called the Sunseeker Sport Yacht 155, this ultra-luxury yacht enables long-distance travelling, without compromising on creature comforts! With a fuel tank that’ll hold 30,000 liters and a fresh-water tank capable of storing 6500 liters, this yacht has a range of 1,500 nautical miles on a full belly.
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    Swing Time, an interactive installation of swings that glow!

    glowing-swing-1Ever wondered what it’d be like to sit on a swing that glows and spend a few hours after dark staring up into space? Well, we didn’t either, until we stumbled across these! Called the Swing Time, this interactive installation on The Lawn on D in Boston enables visitors to sit back and relax while swinging in glowing hammocks! 20 of these have been installed and were developed to “create a new type of city park”.
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    DrinkPure water bottle filter makes potable water more accessible to the masses

    water-purifier-1While most of us aren’t particularly surprised every time we see fresh water gush out of a tap, there are parts of the world where potable water is a far-fetched dream. Places like rural sub-Saharan Africa or India can be pretty disconnected from fresh water supply and people living there understand the value of potable water better than we ever will. The DrinkPure concept filter we came across lately however, could change things for ever. This simple accessory that can be attached to just about any bottle, promises to purify water and make it potable enough for consumption.
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