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    Nike Cooling Hood simulates water being poured on your head

    Nike, in collaboration with US Olympic Champion Ashton Eaton, have devised a cooling hood for athletes. It manages to retain cool water and offers gradual cooling to the head. This can greatly contribute to quick recovery after between events and maximizing each break. Eaton wanted to achieve the same cooling on his head that he experienced on other parts of his body. Since he uses Nike’s PreCool Vest, he approached Nike’s Sports Research Lab and together they managed to roll out a prototype that simulated the feeling of pouring a bottle of water on the head. The hood covers the face, scalp and neck and resembles an ancient Spartan helmet. The inner layers effectively retain cool water and gradually cool the head.
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  • Stockholm to join 200 European cities to ban cars for a day

    Banning cars could mean a number of adjustments and inconveniences in life, but hey, it can also strongly foster the feeling of eco-consciousness. To try out the potency of this remarkably daring move to counter pollution, Stockholm, Sweden, has joined 200 other European cities to ban cars for an entire day this fall. September 19th seems to be the date of choice. The city is well-versed with such efforts and have indulged in such experiments in the past. They banished all traffic for the European Mobility Week. Other major cities participating in the carless day parade are the capitals of Lisbon and Budapest.
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    Cloakwork creates illustrated condom packages

    Malaysian illustrator, Cloakwork, has picked a peculiar subject to showcase his illustration prowess. Condom packaging for Durex has just received an overhaul with some cool illustrated designs that make your condoms look like actual props in an alternate universe. There are monkeys and serpents to pick from. Most of the illustrations hint at the mood that a lover is in, whether it’s naught or a sly, seductive penchant to get things spicy and moving. You could get the monkeys in orange, banana, strawberry and other flavors. The snake hints at suffocation, King Kong represents comfort, the astronaut represents the Featherline range for super-thin touch and the executioner takes care of his clientele by adding small raise ribs that resemble a torture instrument.
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    Biopod ads comfort and better hygiene to portable toilets

    The 1940s saw the dawn of portable toilets that have serviced mankind unfailingly. Cassie Stepanek has however revolutionalized the design of this classic pooper by making it look a lot more 2015. With a study on the user group and application, Cassie developed the Biopod portable toilet that accommodates privacy, cleanliness, space, ventilation and grey water system into the build. In the findings, Stepanek noticed that people do not like touching anything within a toilet or even sitting on the rim. Many folk hover uncomfortably over the toilet seat. The new design structure follows a curve to make hovering less hazardous and even incorporates a female urinal. Also, you do not need to touch anything. A pedal on either side of the door opens the door when pressed.
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    Smart Forrail Concept is a mini-train that runs on wheels

    We’ve heard of train coaches that offer you the luxury of luxe cars but here’s a train that mimics one to such an extent that it even looks like one. Behold the Smart Forrail mini train (yes, that’s what it is). This isn’t merely the removal of tires but six months of engineering work and sophisticated CAD modelling put into creating one amazing design. The solid steel wheels measure 22 inches in diameter and weigh 80 kilos, making it possible to sustain the traction needed to stay on the tracks. The wheels are locked in position by aluminum supports which are welded between the axles.
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    Ninebot One is a self-balancing electric unicycle that can beat jams

    The design and brilliance in science that the Ninebot One portrays is unparalleled. This cool electric unicycle scooter is a self-balancing one that reaches speeds of up to 18 to 22 kmph. It is swanky and doesn’t make you look like some weird nerd. In fact, it is practical to use. The Ninebot One can travel a cool 35 kilometers on a single charge. The uber-portable design makes it easy for you to carry it around and saves you the horror of parking in the city. It’s a great way to cut through jams since you cannot cut through traffic like the Dark Knight. An LED on the body of the bike ensures that everyone knows where you’re going. The 320Wh high-capacity battery takes 4 hours to completely charge.
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    Ford’s electric bicycle warns riders about potholes

    It’s called the MoDe:Flex and it’s here to save many a life and limb of cyclists. The idea behind the working of this electric-assist bicycle is that it can efficiently warn cyclists of upcoming road craters and potholes, thanks to an inbuilt vibration system. The bike works with an Apple Watch app that synchronizes with the system to alert users of oncoming bumps. The company has not elaborated on how exactly the system works. There is a chance that the system may scan the road ahead by shooting out a SONAR like beam. In addition to the safety alarm the gear also serves in providing real-time information on weather, congestion, parking costs, time, traffic and alternate public transportation.
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    Solar phone charger looks like a Japanese Ginkgo tree

    The analogy is right on target and it could get any more realistic than this one. The Solar phone charger we have here represents a tree, albeit a special tree of the like of the Japanese Ginkgo Tree, but a tree none the less. What could represent charging, eco-friendliness and energy generation better than a tree? XD Design’s Ginkgo Solar Tree comes with a 4,000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery that stores all your clean energy effectively. It offers an aluminum base and is made from bamboo and eco-friendly plastic. A cool LED indicator tells you when your battery is fully charged. Your USB cable needs to be simply plugged in and voila, in just two hours you will have a device that is fully charged.
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    Here’s what the bubble wrap would be like, in glass

    The tangible delights of toying around with bubble wrap has enticed many. It’s not long before we realize how cool it would be to have other surfaces create the popping effect. Though the protective plastic wouldn’t be easily substituted, we could broaden our minds to create something more beautiful like a bubble wrap simulation in glass. Studio Meddle have played on the idea of ‘fragile’ and the bubble wrap. Known to be the protective sheath for most fragile goods, how would the world be if the protector were to be made of fragile glass itself? That’s just the thought-provoking genius that this design has bought to life.
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    The AWWA-QG Progress Eagle uses energy-efficient technology to transport up to 800 passengers!

    awwa-qg-concept-plane-1The skies need to turn bluer and the only way to do this is by introducing a hue of green in the aviation industry. Airplanes today tend to burn tremendous amounts of fuel, resulting in an increasing amount of air pollution. The only way to snip this problem at its roots is by developing aircraft that are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Designer Oscar Viñals seems to have been thinking along the same lines and has lately introduced a concept airplane called the AWWA-QG Progress Eagle. Inspired by contemporary jets, the Progress Eagle integrates quantum mechanics to its advantage.
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