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    Glam dots on the face highlight glowing features

    Designlaunches is platform that not only appreciates concept design, it a place where the quirky blueprints get their due and are lauded as well. The fashion Solomon Chase along with visual artist David Toro has designed a line facial dots aka Bindi in some parts of the world. Their concept is quite idiosyncratic as one sees glowing dots perpetuating an eerie radiance. The various styles showcased here reflect the creative energy that the duo have harnessed and are worth sustaining. For those who don’t know, the bindi or the dot on the forehead is a sacred concept for the Indians. It not only is a constant reminded of the latent Third Eye of the lord, but also a symbol of belief.

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  • SuperKraken a Marine Odyssey for children to enjoy

    The SuperKraken is a concept developed for Brazilian Alcoa Innovation Competition. It showcases a concept where children frolic in a carefree environment. Designed by NotuDesigns, the idea incorporates a play are that thrives on the imagination of the child using it. Taking influence from the marine world, the play equipments reflect the ocean creatures that one would encounter deep sea. The SuperKraken also features a geodesic dome made from polycarbonate plates that are coated with anti-UV films that protect the tots from harmful sun’s rays while they play. Offering a safe and secure environment where parents can leave their children to discover a whole new world while playing, this concept will win adulations from the kids the most.

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    Clothes Peg takes a detour from the normal form

    There is nothing scientific about using a peg on your clothesline. It’s just a piece of plastic or wood that you use to hold the cloth so that it doesn’t fly with the wind! Well, all this babble is ok if you’re not designer Mark Marzouk. This interesting designer from the land of Pharaohs has come up with an interesting design for the humble clothes peg. What makes the peg so different is the vicious ridges on the inside of the clamp. Now the designer assures that those ridges won’t leave a mark on the drying cloth, but the skeptics don’t buy it. Getting wrinkles and cranks on dried up laundry is really hard to iron out.

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    Green Cycler- a futuristic concept for waste disposal

    Kitchen gardens fed with wastes from the kitchen like peels of fruits and vegetable etc. grow into healthy plants and thrive. This is fact that I have tested over the time, so I find it endearing that designer Sang hoon Lee has designed the Green Cycler for the future. His concept finds place in a futuristic kitchen that believes in the power of recycling waste. As propositioned by him, in the year 2020, many kitchens will see food wastes being dumped into the trashcan. Hence he has designed the Green Cycler a waste disposal system that acts like a fodder to your kitchen plant. The three-step process sees you throw in some waste into the cycler, where the decomposing food becomes a fertilizer for the plant growing in the basin.

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    Chubby Brothers serenades as dining table

    It happens often that what we want to fit into our lives is either a size to big or a bit too small. Both emotionally and practically, our surrounding plays a key ingredient in our perspective on life. The Chubby Brothers by designer Brian Lee for all practical purposes is a dining table. Imbibing a dual nature to simple furniture elevates the status of the frumpy chair and table combo to an iconic functional installation that can add attitude to a living space. Carefully camouflaging the chairs four within its design, the table can be used for other purposes that only dining.

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