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    Tatung VoIP Concept Phone displays simplistic beauty

    With the speed of lightning, technical advances have been bombarding us new inventions and innovations. When the iPhone released, it set off a chain reaction where every next phone aped its interface to be reckoned as “happening”. As a wave of fresh-breath, the Tatung VoIP Concept Phone bedazzles you with its beauty defined by simplicity. Winner of the IDEA, and Red Dot awards, this concept belongs to the worthy Nova Design. Going back to the roots, the design features a false antenna that gives it a very retro look. Packed into this sleek frame are Bluetooth and a touch pad.

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  • Memory Tank brims with photos to be displayed

    Memories are the fond foundations on which we build our tomorrow. Sweet moments captured in pictures are meant to be shared with loved ones. What do we do if we are the possessive sorts and want to indulge in nostalgia ever so often? I guess we need to turn designer David Tonkinson who has fashioned this wonderful Memory Tank. This is a device that has the ability to soak in all the pictures and videos that you or your family sends to it via your phone. It then displays them continuously to the four screens that surround the base. The navigation keys are conveniently placed on the top of the tank so that they don’t obstruct the viewing of slideshow.

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    Torch Lamp is a brilliant IDEA

    Korean designer Jin Woo Han has the distinction of winning the IDEA award for his brilliant Torch Lamp. This hand held torch services as a lamp when placed in the angle bracket meant for it. The design is such that this adaptable tool recharges itself when placed in the bracket. Portability is the key feature of this torch but it also assumes various forms to satisfy different needs. Like you can use it as a bedside lamp or keep it in the children’s room as a night lamp. On its bracket it becomes a table lamp, so the versatility-quotient in this lamp as at an all time high.

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    The New Organic twigs your imagination

    Creating something out of nothing seems to be the forte of industrial designer Stanley Ruiz. Amongst his many endeavors, the New Organic rage is by far the best example of the perfect blend between modern art and nature. Using twigs as a part of the design the master creates enterprising installations that include a bowl, a clock, a pendant and a napkin holder. Inspired by his ventures in the world of handicrafts, the designer uses his expertise to fashion such rudimentary objects that add class to environment.

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    Sofa Transformer by Yelena Lobiv

    The thought of Transformers invokes pictures of cars turning to robotic creatures that are out to destroy the enemy. Little would your imagination pique towards a demure sofa set that has the possibilities of morphing into different colors and shape. Well it should head in that direction if you take a look at designer Yelena Lobiv’s interpretation of a transformer! Her Sofa “Transformer” has the ability to transcend conformity barriers. It changes shape as per your whim, it even changes color to suit your mood! Heck, it’s one helluva sofa that gives you twelve different styles when you actually buy just one!

    Tub F-117- this flight is ready for take off

    A bathtub epitomizes luxury to the hilt. Accompanied by sea-salts, essential oils and perfumed candles, the whole experience of ablutions becomes a therapeutic ritual. I can imagine designers getting inspired by the extravagance of such opulent settings but imagine taking inspiration from the hard, cold stealth-plane. It crashes down the dreamy notion of a soothing session in the tub. Designer Torsten Werner has fashioned the Tub F-117 using 14 sheeds. Apparently the design can be modified to fit your body sculpture and size. This aspect of the tub makes it an appealing proposition.

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    Ooh Ooh Gorilla embraces to lift your spirits

    Who needs a bear hug when a very cozy and comfy Gorilla can do the same? Designer Pichaya and pals at LIFT conceptualized the Ooh Ooh for ICFF06. With the simple motive of having a colossal piece that can expand into a chaise lounger, this concept tries to bring back the straightforward message of eco-sensitivity. The body of gorilla expands to form a comfortable lounger and the head fashions into a rug. The rug along with the cushioned head can be used as a mat to laze around on the floor. Biodegradable rigid foam and plywood form the bone of this structure; which is quite smart actually, considering the environmental concerns.

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    Glam dots on the face highlight glowing features

    Designlaunches is platform that not only appreciates concept design, it a place where the quirky blueprints get their due and are lauded as well. The fashion Solomon Chase along with visual artist David Toro has designed a line facial dots aka Bindi in some parts of the world. Their concept is quite idiosyncratic as one sees glowing dots perpetuating an eerie radiance. The various styles showcased here reflect the creative energy that the duo have harnessed and are worth sustaining. For those who don’t know, the bindi or the dot on the forehead is a sacred concept for the Indians. It not only is a constant reminded of the latent Third Eye of the lord, but also a symbol of belief.

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    SuperKraken a Marine Odyssey for children to enjoy

    The SuperKraken is a concept developed for Brazilian Alcoa Innovation Competition. It showcases a concept where children frolic in a carefree environment. Designed by NotuDesigns, the idea incorporates a play are that thrives on the imagination of the child using it. Taking influence from the marine world, the play equipments reflect the ocean creatures that one would encounter deep sea. The SuperKraken also features a geodesic dome made from polycarbonate plates that are coated with anti-UV films that protect the tots from harmful sun’s rays while they play. Offering a safe and secure environment where parents can leave their children to discover a whole new world while playing, this concept will win adulations from the kids the most.

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    Clothes Peg takes a detour from the normal form

    There is nothing scientific about using a peg on your clothesline. It’s just a piece of plastic or wood that you use to hold the cloth so that it doesn’t fly with the wind! Well, all this babble is ok if you’re not designer Mark Marzouk. This interesting designer from the land of Pharaohs has come up with an interesting design for the humble clothes peg. What makes the peg so different is the vicious ridges on the inside of the clamp. Now the designer assures that those ridges won’t leave a mark on the drying cloth, but the skeptics don’t buy it. Getting wrinkles and cranks on dried up laundry is really hard to iron out.

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